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  • December 15, 2005

Asterisk! Ampersand! Exclamation Mark! Dollar!

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
One of the trickiest—and most important—aspects of the MultiView API is the part where you indicate to the user that the file is 'dirty', in other words, unsaved. That's normally done by means of an asterisk. But somehow that's pretty hard to program—the entire API is pretty hard to work with—but I'm trying.

Here's my first stab at the source code for a JBoss deployment descriptor multiview editor. And here's part of the result (note the asterisk):

But, it's still got various weird things happening and I don't understand parts of it. (Probably the first part of the last sentence relates to the second part of the last sentence.) So, anyway, if you enjoy poking around in someone's code, please feel free to poke around in mine—and sorry that there's no tutorial yet, but this API is a lot to deal with.

By the way, I'm on vacation until the 11th of January. And... if you want to know where I'm going... maybe this blog will tell you... in a couple of days time.

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