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  • August 1, 2005

Another Prague? In the U.S.?

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
NetBeans IDE has taught me a lot, but not that there's another Prague. You would've thought that one would be more than enough. Well, here's the proof -- thanks to a web service that Lukas Jungmann helped me with, I typed a random zip code in a web page:

When I clicked "Find the City!", a new web page popped up and this is what I saw:

Of course, NetBeans didn't do this on its own -- it used this WSDL file:


NetBeans IDE includes a cool template that very quickly generates a web service client for you. There's even a built-in client, which means that you need not do any coding -- you can test your web service right away. Then, knowing that the WSDL works as expected, you can add a very small bit of code to a servlet and bob's your uncle. This was the important part that I had a little trouble with, it's part of the processRequest method in the servlet:

String zipCode = request.getParameter("zipCode");
out.println("<p><b>City and State:</b>");
String[] s = getCityStateByZipSoap().getCityStateByZip(zipCode).getString();

Now that I know how to work with complex types, working with web services is going to be much easier, since many (if not most) web services seem to use complex types.

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