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  • September 3, 2008

Announcement: NetBeans Platform Teaching Materials

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
The always enthusiastic (and NetBeans Docs Coordinator and NetBeans Dream Team member) Varun Nischal wrote me a few days ago asking about NetBeans Platform slides he might be able to learn from in preparing for a presentation he'll be doing at Amity University, Noida, in India. I realized that we don't have a centralized location where anyone can go to download teaching materials for the NetBeans Platform! Sure, we have the NetBeans Platform Learning Trail and the NetBeans Platform Certified Training page, but wouldn't it be cool if we had one single page listing ALL the materials that a teacher might find useful when preparing lesson materials for students learning about the NetBeans Platform?

The problem with the learning trail is that it is aimed at students of the NetBeans Platform. The problem with the certified training page is that it focuses very specifically on the training itself (although it does provide all the related slides). However, there are many other slides available—several NetBeans Dream Team members have given presentations on the NetBeans Platform, for example, and many conferences have been attended where the NetBeans Platform has been introduced in one form or another. How could those slides be shared with others? There are really many one-off presentations that have been held on the same topic, at user groups, at JavaOne, at other conferences. Wouldn't it be cool if EVERYTHING related to teaching the NetBeans Platform were to be found on ONE single page? So that people like Varun would be able to go to ONE single spot where EVERYTHING is centralized?

In that light, hurray for http://edu.netbeans.org/! That site is aimed at educators/teachers/instructors/professors/gurus/etc. These are people who are using NetBeans in one way or another to teach Java/Ruby/whatever in the classroom. It is the one-stop shop for all materials that relate to teaching via the tools made available by the NetBeans team. Wouldn't that be a perfect place for these people to also find exhaustive materials relating to the NetBeans Platform? Therefore, since yesterday, there's this brand new page (click it to jump to it):

It already contains a lot of material. Varun (and all other Varuns out there) is going to have a hard time choosing, rather than having a hard time finding. All the slides that I'm aware of that relate to the NetBeans Platform have been put there—everything from intros to more technical slides to Eclipse/NetBeans comparisons. Tom Wheeler and Alex Kotchnev's introductory NetBeans Platform slides are also there, I'd especially look at those because they're by people from outside Sun, so they have unique perspectives. The start of a non-English section (currently only containing Russian) is also found there. More contributions are needed—German, French, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and so on too. In addition, how about the slides from Tom's Boeing presentation and Fabrizio's blueMarine presentation, both from JavaOne 2008? How about presentations about the NetBeans Platform done by others within Sun? Maybe some Chinese ones from Liang Ye? German slides by Toni Epple or Sven Reimers or any of the other German NetBeans Platform users? A NetBeans Platform course is being planned in Australia, so the resources above could be used there too. There's no limit to what could be added there, so long as there's some interconnection with the NetBeans Platform. I imagine teachers would simply download the slides they need and adapt them to their purposes. If the slides change significantly, it would be very cool to hear about it so that they could be made available via the same page so that others could benefit from your insights.

And... if there are gaps, i.e., if there are topics that you'd like to have slides about that are currently not covered, you are free to request them and they can be made on demand, following the instructions on the page above.

So, thanks Varun for the question. And hopefully the above will be of help to you and others too. Feedback is very welcome.

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Comments ( 9 )
  • Arunesh Wednesday, September 3, 2008

    Hi Geertjan

    Im also a student like varun and right now im in a phase where im trying to babysteps in the "world" of netbeans.

    Firstly i would like to thank you for introducing all of us to this new website which could be a really big help for all the young developers.

    I appreciate this effort and i would also like to suggest that the possibilities related to this motive are endless.

    The first thing that came to my mind was a Content Management System which could help in organising the documents,presentations and everything else that can be put up for sharing with the students.

    This would help in selecting the material that anyone would require for quick refrences.

    I hope this solution could help in improving and providing a better tool for everyone


  • Varun Wednesday, September 3, 2008


    Thanks for nice and unique introduction, I ever got ;) Jokes apart, its right that you said, "Varun is going to have a hard time choosing, rather than having a hard time finding".

    However, I should thank you for the resources webpage you created, the one-stop shop. I would prefer adapting one of them to my needs, and will share my ideas, presentation how I actually go about conducting the workshop?

    By the way, its Noida, you wrote Nodia!

    Thanks :)

  • Geertjan Wednesday, September 3, 2008

    Hi Arunesh. The site is not intended for students, but for teachers. Students of the NetBeans Platform can go here for all their learning needs:



    Hi Varun, sorry for the typo, will fix. Good luck with the presentation and looking forward to your blog entry (and photos!) about it all.

  • guest Wednesday, September 3, 2008


  • N, Varun Saturday, September 6, 2008

    I have mailed you the ppt, pdf, odp format of the presentation on our mailing list :-)

  • Pavel Kotlov Thursday, September 11, 2008

    So this is the reason why I couldn't find this page some months ago. Anyway good to have it.

  • N, Varun Friday, September 12, 2008


    Event details and photos, now blogged on this web-page,


    Look for the first 3 entries :-)


  • Kumar S.S. Friday, October 3, 2008

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    c) Advance concepts – How can we customize the framework, write plug-in's, integrate with other frameworks etc.

    d) Deployment – How can we build applications.

    kindly suggest us trainer's profile & availability, contents and commercials.

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    Awaiting, your precious response.


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  • Billigfl&uuml;ge Monday, October 20, 2008

    Looking at my pre commenters post, I am assured in my opinion, that all the already existing sites are sufficient:) Anyway it´s a smart Idea I am looking forward to!

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