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  • May 21, 2012

AgroSense: Nominated for Dutch IT Environment Award 2012

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager

Ordina's AgroSense, the agricultural services framework built in Java on the NetBeans Platform, is in the running for a Dutch IT Environment Award, as announced here (in Dutch).

English translation:

IT Environment Award 2012

On 31 May 2012, the ICT Environment organization will, for the fifth time, hand out the IT Environment Award, which recognizes the most interesting and innovative IT application that aims to reduce energy usage, advance recycling, and decrease the exploitation of scarce resources. 

Via this award, the ICT Environment organization wants to stimulate IT organizations and users to reduce CO2 emission by encouraging the smart deployment of IT contributions. In this regard, respect for the environment is of central concern.


Projects or applications by organizations in the Dutch IT branch, or IT users who are settled in the Netherlands, are eligible to receive the IT Environment Award. The projects/applications must have been realized in 2011 and been made available in that time.

Entries are judged via the following criteria:

  • Innovation: the entry must relate to a new technology or to a new, innovative application of an existing IT product or service.
  • Vision: the vision the company has in terms of the possibilities of IT to relate to environmental questions, particularly those dealing with energy concerns, should be clearly visible.
  • Concrete applicability: the possibility to implement the product/service in the coming years must be clearly present. 
  • Communicative value: the entry must be able to enthuse a broad sector and it must be possible to use it to put energy saving and environmental questions onto the agenda of a broad sector of the public.
  • Respect for the environment: the entry must contribute to a cleaner environment in the form of recyclability and the usage of new natural resources.


  • The energy efficient and modular data central hall created by Evoswitch. Via a combination of modular construction and new cooling technology, this hall saves 80% energy compared to traditional data centers.

  • AgroSense by Ordina. Via this integrated information system for precision agriculture, a sustainable form of agriculture can be established, leading to less energy usage and decreased environmental depletion.

  • The smarter energy platform by IBM. Using this energy information system, smart grid technology is applied to offer services that lead to energy efficiency and energy saving, as well as increased comfort for individuals and companies.

Congratulations to Timon & the rest of the AgroSense team at Ordina for being nominated for this prestiguous award! And here's a recent screenshot of AgroSense (click to enlarge it):

Read more about AgroSense here.

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