Wednesday Nov 28, 2012

Rewritten NetBeans Platform Feed Reader Tutorial

The next tutorial that has been thoroughly restructured and rewritten is:

NetBeans Platform Feed Reader Tutorial

Originally written by Rich Unger, it was one of the very first NetBeans Platform tutorials that ever existed. In this particular rewrite, the entire structure of the tutorial has changed, in an attempt to make the flow more "bite size", rather than a big lump. Also, thanks to recent NetBeans Platform changes, there are no Bundle files anymore, all Strings are declared via @Messages annotations.

Theoretically, the browser in the application could be a JavaFX WebView, though the browser part of the application isn't a central theme of the tutorial, hence only a reference is made to the JavaFX alternative. Here's what it looks like:

Comments to the NetBeans Platform Feed Reader Tutorial are, as always, very welcome. 


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