Thursday Nov 22, 2012

Oracle DB, Oracle ADF, GlassFish, JDeveloper, NetBeans IDE

Today I started some experiments with Oracle guru Steven Davelaar, who lives about 20 minutes away from my place in Amsterdam by underground. Very convenient. He showed me a bunch of things in JDeveloper, while I showed him a bunch of things in NetBeans IDE.

He managed to deploy an ADF application to GlassFish in JDeveloper. And, so far, I failed to do the same thing in NetBeans IDE. Quite a few (around 100) JARs are needed, aside from the question of correctly setting up or importing an ADF application, and we're still figuring out which and who and when and where. And how. And if. And why.

Nonetheless, I did manage to get Oracle DB set up in NetBeans IDE, after downloading it from here:

Here's what it looks like when registered in NetBeans IDE, i.e., notice that I have a cool sample database available:


Data from the above database I managed to display very easily via the various NetBeans code generators in a PrimeFaces application, exactly as has been done many times in demonstrations and tutorials everywhere, i.e., generate JPA entities, then create an EJB, then inject the EJB into a PrimeFaces data table:

The next step is to somehow do the same with ADF in NetBeans IDE.

I had some trouble with passwords for Oracle DB, the command line (with Steven's help) proved helpful:

Wish us luck as we continue our ADF-inspired journey. This blog entry by Shay is also relevant:

Deploying Oracle ADF Essentials Applications to Glassfish


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