Tuesday Oct 16, 2012

HTML5 Front End for an Existing Java EE Application

Go here to see a complete HTML5 front end for the  NetBeans E-commerce Tutorial, which creates the Affable Bean Project:


The process of creating the HTML5 implementation of the project is described by David Konecny in this JavaOne session (there's a link to a screencast and a downloadable MP4 in the link below):


The high level steps described in the session are as follows:

server-side work:

  • add REST services
  • configure JSON providers
  • enable CORS (cross origin resource sharing)

client-side work:

  • pick an MVC framework (JavaScript one)
  • write code which talks to REST services
  • write the app UI using HTML5 and your MVC framework
  • write unit tests for the app
  • package the app inside the original Java Web app 

Here's two screenshots, one showing the server side, the other the client side, downloadable from the link with which this blog entry started.


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