Thursday Oct 11, 2012

Best JavaOne 2012 Session!

Go here to watch a really cool BOF, which was run late at night at some stage during the past week's JavaOne 2012, and which I really enjoyed even though I was falling asleep due to jetlag. (I literally woke up a few times, which means I must have been sleeping.) I loved it even though it was on a topic that doesn't really interest me as such, I just happen to know the speaker. (And I was too tired to stumble back to the hotel for a nap so thought I'd do so while attending a session thereby killing two birds with one stone.) It's really funny and educational. I won't reveal what it is about.

Guaranteed, if you watch to the end, you'll have a good time and learn a lot. You'll learn WAY more than the narrow confines of the specific topic.


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