Tuesday Sep 11, 2012

SweetHome3D in Open Source Java

Ever since finding out about Alied PĂ©rez's SweetHome3D application on the NetBeans Platform, I've admired it very much. (And ever since I've dreamed of designing my next kitchen in IKEA via a NetBeans Platform application.)

Some months ago he told me about its origins: "This project started as a proprietary software for a local furniture business, which ended as a porting of sweethome3d to the NetBeans Platform, with the proprietary part being a plugin for the open source part. In recent times, I have been finishing the proprietary plugins, so the SweetHome3D part has not had major updates. I have to integrate v3.4 of sweethome3d and upload the changes."

I've tried the application a few times but, not knowing much about the domain, couldn't do much with it. However, since the file type it supports is standardized, I thought to myself, why not look for example files of the type and load some into the application to see what happens. That journey brought me here:


I then downloaded one of the files from the gallery, opened it into the application, and was quite amazed at what I found:

In other words, the application appears to be in good shape. It is also free and open sourced and can be accessed, as I did, here:



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