Friday Jun 01, 2012

Environment Award for AgroSense Java Farm Management System

Beating IBM's energy information system and Evoswitch's modular data central hall, Ordina's AgroSense, a farm management system for precision agriculture, received the prestigious IT Environment Award for 2012 in the Netherlands yesterday. From the jury's report (as reported here in Dutch): "Precision agriculture has an enormous impact on global agriculture. The open and broad appeal of AgroSense gives it valuable leverage in both the social and economic domains."

AgroSense is an agricultural services platform created in Java on the NetBeans Platform. It is an integrated software system that enables sustainable agriculture, helping to reduce energy usage and environmental degradation. It looks like this:

Among other things, the team has been investigating whether and how to integrate JavaFX games into the AgroSense platform, as well as other JavaFX-oriented effects.

Here's a pic of the red tulip award that the team's representatives received yesterday at a black tie award ceremony:

The original announcement of the nominations for this competition in English can be read here.

On Twitter, you can follow the AgroSense project here: @AgroSense

Congratulations, AgroSense team, for this fantastic achievement!


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