Wednesday Jul 01, 2009

1,000 Members Baby!

On June 26th, 2009 Data Center Pulse met a major milestone in our push to influence the industry. We broke the 1,000 member mark! This has been a long time coming. We had almost 2 people a day signing up for DCP since we started on September 13, 2008. We had a press release and Data Center Journal picked it up first.  They have always been supportive of our efforts and I'd like to publicly thank them for it.

Now for some pretty impressive stats.  If you go to the DCP membership page you will see the massive list of companies that are represented.  1,004 members in 45 countries representing over 600 companies from almost every industry on the planet.  What I love about this is the strength of this group.  I'm not sure if most people realize what this list of people represent.  From my estimations, they represent billions of dollars in annual purchases that drives the IT industry.  These are the datacenter customers.  The ones that define, purchase and operate the technologies that run these global datacenters. Remember that our members are end users only.  We do not allow Sales, Consultants, PR, marketing BizDev into DCP directly, but they can join DCP INDUSTRY.  The INDUSTRY group has just broken 830 members.

We believe this is just the beginning.  The work with the Chill Off, The Stack, Energy Incentive Program and others is starting the process of influencing the industry.  We believe very firmly in what we are doing and look forward to watching it grow.  Stay tuned at  

End users, you can join Data Center Pulse here. For non-end users, you can join Data Center Pulse INDUSTRY here. Stay connected, get involved! Be a part of the future rather than just watching everyone else.

Wednesday Jun 10, 2009

Do You Feel The Chill?

On May 29th, 2009 we officially started the chill off 2 testing!  It has been a long time coming with many technical, financial, and resource barriers we had to overcome.  Imagine trying to organize a band of volunteers who's day jobs and schedules keep them extremely busy in this high tech industry.  We're about 12 weeks behind, but we believe we will be able to make it up with overnight and weekend testing.  Brian Day and team have been driving very hard to ensure that we meet the deadlines for processing and packaging of the results for the Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) Energy Summit scheduled for October 16, 2009 in Silicon Valley.

You can see the first Chill Off testing episode on the Data Center Pulse YouTube Channel (embedded below).  I interviewed Hieko Ebermann, the Global Product Manager for Thermal Products with Knuerr, an Emerson Company, about their CoolTherm product (pdf).  This fully contained solution provides dynamically controlled cooling up to 35kW/rack. Heiko flew in from Dresden, Germany to make sure that everything was in place and operating as expected.  Knuerr are the first vendor in the test.

Make sure to watch the High Definition Video version.  You will be ale to select the HD button after hitting play below.


As usual, stay tuned for updates through the official Chill Off webpage and blog hosted on Data Center Pulse.  We sincerely appreciate the support and collaboration from all involved in this very important Data Center Test. 

We will be posting entries on all of the companies contributing to this effort.  Stay tuned!

Friday Nov 14, 2008

This puppy's growing!

I am still amazed with how quickly you can reach a global audience. It's been 61 days since we started Data Center Pulse.  Since then we have secured 312 members from 180 companies in 21 countries representing at least 20 different industries! The member list is growing like mad.

As Mark and I continued to recruit members a realization set in. The list of companies that are represented on Data Center Pulse are from every industry. This group spends or influences hundreds of billions of dollars every year. They build the engines that run banking, medical support systems, schools, military, government, transportation systems, and this little thing called the internet. :-)  Over the weekend we brainstormed how to best leverage the strength of this group. What is it that most of the people are interested in? What would be worth their time? Personally, I benefit greatly when I am able to sit down for detailed discussions and debate on Data Center topics with my peers in the industry. I really enjoyed the round table we held at the AFCOM session and wished there could be more.

So, Mark and I decided to take the next step.  We want to get this community together for a face to face working session.  The goal is to discuss and debate the top 10 topics that are on the minds of these owners and operators.  What are those topics? We want the community to decide.  Who will lead these discussions?  We want the leaders to be selected from the community. What will we do with this information? The topic leaders will present it out to the industry. What will the next steps be? The community will decide. In other words, the Data Center Pulse members will create the agenda, content, output and followup for this summit. When we harness the knowledge and experience of this group along with the challenges they face, some very useful information will be generated. Wouldn't you like to know what's on the mind of your customers? What they want?  What they need?  With this summit, you will get it directly from the horses mouth. 

Data Center Pulse Summit 

On February 17-18, 2009 we will host the first Data Center Pulse Summit in Northern California. You can read more about this event through the latest blog entry.

Keep in mind, that this is an invitation only event for Data Center Pulse members. But, anyone in the industry can submit topic ideas through this survey to be considered for the different tracks. We have also partnered with the AFCOM Northern California Chapter to host the read-out of the topic findings immediately following the event (February 18, 2009).  We have also partnered with Teladata to have the output of these 10 topics discussed at round tables at their Technology Convergence conference the following day (February 19, 2009).  

We have high hopes for this summit and would appreciate your input. Feel free to email with any suggestions.

Thursday Oct 09, 2008

Data Center Pulse Milestone!

We hit a great milestone last night.  As of 11pm Data Center Pulse broke 200 members. 201 members in 27 days. Thats an average of 7.4 members a day. We need to increase our pace to 10 per day to achieve our goal of 1,000 memebers by the end of this year.  The group has also been featured by a few bloggers. This should help the membership as well.

The WHIR news, David Hamilton - October 8, 2008

InfoWorld, Ted Samson - Sustainable IT - October 3, 2008

I have also confirmed the next Data Center Pulse podcast roundtable in Amsterdam on October 14th.  So far a "datacenter evangelist" from the Dutch Police Force has signed up. We'll see if we can't get a few more of his peers to be under the spotlight.

Please keep the ideas coming and invite your colleagues and industry peers to join the group through linkedin!


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