Monday Jul 28, 2008

Innovation Award

I don't think I could smile any wider than I am right now.  On Wednesday July 16th, my team received Sun's Innovation Award at the Marriot in downtown San Jose, CA. The Innovation Award is one of the highest recognitions you can receive at Sun. It is presented by our CEO, Jonathan Schwartz and CTO, Greg Papadopolous at Sun's annual leadership summit for all global VPs, CTOs and Distinguished Engineers. To make this award even sweeter, it is the first time in Sun's history that the Workplace Resources group (Real Estate) has received this award.




 On award day, my small global team converged on San Jose. At the ceremony, Greg took the time to describe in his own words (I loved that he didn't just read something from a script) why our contributions have been so innovative for the company. One anecdote he cited was that he received a call from one of our largest customers to fly to their corporate headquarters and discuss datacenters. This customer was one of the 2200 people who toured our Santa Clara datacenter over the last year.  They are spending a half a billion on new datacenters and wanted to get some help. So Greg, Subodh and I are flying down to chat further.  The fact that our customers are seeing us as thought leaders in not only the technology arena but the underlying environment that allows those solutions to be deployed, e.g. datacenter design, is fabulous. I really appreciated the way that Greg was able to articulate our contributions to the company on many different levels. The team was on cloud nine. I have to say that we owe our success to the support from our executive management. It starts with David Harris, my boss who runs Workplace Resources and was the one who started this program four years ago. He has been actively supporting the program since his return last year. Then to Bill MacGowan, the EVP of People & Places who has embraced our efforts and never waivered in his support as we traversed the difficult path of change in the company. Without them, we would not have been able to get any traction.  With them, I feel like we have jets strapped to our backs.  :-)

Besides the obvious, there were two additional benefits I saw when we received this award. First, the Real Estate and Facilities teams are now receiving recognition for the difficult work that they perform. Like our IT group, it can be a thankless job. Usually service organizations become visible when there is a problem. When things are going well, people forget that the service is there. Secondly, it is a new, valuable connection with our customers. Having a peer to peer conversation about how we have solved our current internal datacenter problems as well as how we future proofed our datacenters to scale with next generation equipment (which we already have in our R&D datacenters), without additional investments, is extremely valuable insight for our customers.

This is the award description:

    Sun's Innovation Award recognizes those individuals and teams who have made a significant contribution to Sun through innovation. Innovation is a starting point for the Sun Strategy and is key to helping differentiate Sun and attract communities to Sun. Product, process, and project innovations have increased Sun's ability to grow, make money, build our communities, enlist champions, and accelerate our business. The purpose is to reinforce and recognize exceptional perform ance related to a key pillar of Sun's strategy and one of our key values: Innovation.

    Innovation happens across the world and in many functions and businesses. We want to recognize those innovators across our Sun community who make a difference in our business. Whether it is a project which has made an impact, or new products coming to market which have challenged conventional thinking and changed the marketplace, or a process that has driven significant speed to market or cost efficiency, we want to hear about it.

    Product: A new product or service that provides Sun with a competitive advantage in the markeplace and grows Sun's revenues.
    Process: Development of a breakthrough business process innovation that accelerates our time to market, decreases cost, improves quality, or gives Sun so me other competitive advantage.
    Project: A solution that provides Sun with a competitive advantage.

This is an exerpt from an email that Bill MacGowan's, Executive Vice President of People & Places, sent to our organization.
    I'm delighted to announce that seven Workplace Resources employees received the prestigious Innovation Award at last night's award ceremony. It's the first Innovation Award ever earned by Workplace Resources, and I'm excited to congratulate the entire Global Lab and Datacenter Design Services team:

      Brian Day
      Serena DeVito
      Ramesh K V
      Dean Nelson (Team Lead)
      Brett Rucker
      Michael Ryan
      Petr Vlasaty

    Sun has been facing the same datacenter challenges as our clients - in space, power, cooling, and rising utility costs. To bridge the gap between Facilities and IT/Engineering my boss, David Harris, started the datacenter and lab design competency center within his Workplace Resources organization. This team, led by P&P employee Dean Nelson, enabled a successful consolidation of Newark and Sunnyvale labs and datacenters into one efficient datacenter in Santa Clara - reducing lab space from 202,000 to 72,000 square feet, and consolidating 152 rooms into 14.

    This team has truly transformed the way datacenters and labs are built at Sun, lowering datacenter utility costs by a remarkable 50% and reducing Sun's global carbon emissions by over 1% in just three months. As a result of this effort, Sun received $1.2 million in energy rebates plus a $250,000 "Innovation Award" from Silicon Valley Power.

    In addition to addressing Sun's challenges, Dean Nelson's team has shared their design best practices with customers. Further, they've toured over 2,200 people from more than 300 customer companies through the Santa Clara datacenter, and published solution briefs on and videos on that have been downloaded more than 11,000 times. Finally, they just published the Sun Blueprint which details their design methodology: "Energy Efficient Datacenters: The Role of Modularity in Datacenter Design." Available free for download.


As my team sat down to dinner that night a few of us had a similar thought. Sean Connellan, my boss who passed away last year, would have been very proud of this achievement. He was a huge supporter of our efforts and constantly pushed us to show our value proposition for the company.  

Sunday Oct 21, 2007

Not Rocket Science!

Man, what a month.

Earlier this month, I did an interview with Contrarian Minds editor, Al Riske. He captured my ramblings and then published the following report titled, "Not Rocket Science". It was an honor to be on the same website as people like Scott McNealy, Jonathan Schwartz, Greg Papadopoulos, Radia Permlan and James Gosling to name a few. Talk about some brain power. :-)

Instead of complicating things, my team and I have really tried to simply them when it comes to datacenter design philosophies that support the equipment of today and tomorrow. Take a look here:

    Not Rocket Science...

I won't be building a rocket any time soon. Then again that may be kinda fun...


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