Thursday Mar 26, 2009

The Internet IN A BOX!

The entire internet in one box.  Sound unbelievable?  Not so. Today, Sun launched a single Sun Modular Datacenter (SunMD), housed in our Santa Clara datacenter, that contains the Wayback Machine from Internet Archive.  IA has captured the web in the form of pages, graphics, videos, java scripts and more for the past 12 years!  Yes, the past twelve years.  Just imagine, all that "creative" stuff you posted on the web through your career (and yes you know those pictures and videos I'm talking about) have been captured by the Internet Archive crawlers.  I even checked one of the sites I had created in 1996 for a non profit called Child Quest International, Inc.  It was just as I had built it (boy my graphics were archaic then). 

I got involved with the project when Greg Papadopolous (our CTO) and David Douglas (our CSO) donated a SunMD to Brewster Kahle, Digital Librarian, Director and Co-Founder of Internet Archive. We then worked out a way to host that container in our Santa Clara, CA Datacenter.  We decided to place it in the courtyard between the two main datacenter buildings.  We bored through the wall to the plant, tapped the chilled water, piped to the UPS/GenSet and wired the internet access.  Then we poured the concrete and craned in the container.


Finally it was filled up with 4.5 petabytes worth of Sun X4500 storage (thumpers).  In just a few months, we had successfully deployed this container based solution into our site.  Amazingly fast, and cost effective when you think of the depreciation schedule you can apply to owned buildings.  For us it's 25 years.  We had already prepped for two more containers at the same time.  $90k of additional pipework and concrete over 25 years is peanuts.  The second container is already in place (right next to the IA SunMD) and will be used for the Chill Off 2 (CO2) testing starting April 1st!



I was bummed that I wasn't able to participate in the event, but I was traveling around Europe doing other Data Center stuff. But my team was there to answer questions and tour attendees through the SunMD and the surrounding datacenter complex that it sits in.   I'd like to thank a few folks on my team for making this project happen. Mike Ryan (Mechnical/Electrical), Serena Devito (Networking & Technical support), Brian Day (Coordination) and Alex Menchaca (Technical Support).  Without them, it could not have pulled this off as quickly as it was.

Watch Sun's rich interactive, multi-media web story on the Internet Archive here.  Michelle Sadowski did an incredible job driving this project and this multi-media product really shows it.

See more photos of the event from Jefferey Stein, Chairman of the IT History Society, on his shutterfly page.

Readthe success Story here




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