Stop asadm to ask for master password

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Sun Java Application Server 9.x or glassfish command asadm asks for master password during execution. At SJAS 8.x era, asadm only asked for one password, AS_ADMIN_PASSWORD, and you can save "AS_ADMIN_PASSWORD=" into a file and supply this file as the value of parameter "--passwordfile". Now newer version asks for master password. It might be a security improvement, but it is inconvenient for developers.
Someone told me to set envt variable AS_ADMIN_MASTERPASSWORD. This does not help. However, the solution is simple. You can use the same password file, but add one more line "AS_ADMIN_MASTERPASSWORD=". Actually you can even use a --savemasterpassword flag when executing asadm command with subcommand create-domain, create-node-agent, and change-master-password. An encrypted master-password file will be created under the home directory. And this will stop prompting for master password.

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