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    October 5, 2009

Reset Amadmin Password (2)

Guest Author
In my previous post (09/11) on this topic, I asked to have jss4.jar in the classpath and have corresponding library files in the environment. Actually it is not required. Otherwise, one will have a hard time to find and install them on a windows box. All you need to do is to set the value of property com.iplanet.security.encryptor to be "com.iplanet.services.util.JCEEncryption". The default is "com.iplanet.services.util.JSSEncryption" if you don't specify, which requires JSS.
So the command to generate new password could be looked like
/usr/bin/java -Dcom.iplanet.security.encryptor=com.iplanet.services.util.JCEEncryption -Dam.encryption.pwd=sZ6rTm4Dp1xp6MuXpwyQ3h0RsdcMK5eQ -cp .:/opt/sun/identity/lib/am_sdk.jar:/opt/sun/identity/lib/am_services.jar PasswordHashEncryption password

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