Our First Day At Lake Tahoe 2007 Winter!

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On December 22, 2007, Saturday night, I was anxious to go to sleep, because the next day our family was going to Lake Tahoe, and I was going to go snowboarding! The next day, I woke up at eight in the morning and went to my parent’s room to lay down with them to talk. I was really excited, and kept on talking about me doing cool tricks on my snowboard. Then my mom said that today we weren’t going skiing or snowboarding. We were just going to drive to the cabin we rented in Lake Tahoe and unload our stuff.
I was sad, but quickly remembered that our friends were coming too, and we could build a snowman in the backyard. We loaded the things we needed on the trip and drove to our friend’s house to see if they were ready. They weren’t ready, and it was a sunny morning, so we played while they were still packing. We wave boarded, played wall ball, played monkey-in-the-middle, tag, and rode our scooters. It was very fun! Finally at eleven, we left for Lake Tahoe!
At 1PM, we went to Mc Donald for lunch! I wanted to go to KFC, so my dad brought me there! I bought popcorn chicken and hot wings. We went back to Mc Donald and ate there. At two, we continued driving to Lake Tahoe. We finally got there at 3:30PM!
Eric Dang asked me to snowboard in the backyard with him to improve our skills. I said yes because I also wanted to improve. I went inside to change and came back out to get my snowboard and went to the backyard. My first run down that year was ok because I didn’t fall, but I got stuck in the snow. It took three of the kids to get me out of the snow! My second run down was a little better because I didn’t get stuck again, but I fell down. Soon my dad came to smoothen the snow so we couldn’t get stuck easily. After about three more runs down, I went inside to play with Jordan and Justin on my DS.
During dinner, we were all talking about tomorrow when we would be skiing and we were not eating so the parents got mad and screamed all the life out of us. After dinner we played our DSs, Game boys, and a Dream cast to nine. We brushed our teeth and went to bed. This was our fun day on our first day of the trip to Lake Tahoe!

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