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We went to Tahoe after a month long storm. Yes, the storm hadn't lasted for over a month. But every weekend in the February this year was snowing. We didn't want spend too much time on the road.
There was no surprise. The snow was so fresh. The only problem was the temperature was high, so the snow was wet, and gave too much traction. On the slope, especially the green trail, your ski/snow board got stuck once you stopped for a minute. You had to push it to get it moving. The good side of it is that I could get to any trail I was scared to try without fear. I even jumped off from the cliff on the top of headwall and KT22. The north face of headwall at Squaw Valley looks so scary.
I enjoyed pretty much the whole day, but Eric was certainly not. This was the 3rd time for him to snow board. He was so tired, even lost appetite on the dinning table. We decided to save our NorthStar tickets for the next time. So on the Sunday morning, we didn't get early but wake up naturally and let kids played arcade games at the hotel.
As usual it didn't take too long for kids get their pocket empty. Tiger come to me excitedly, and asked for 2 more quarters. Other kids told me that he was going to win a Nintendo DS. The game is simple. With two quarters, One got 3 chances to push a button to stop the spinning tick. The base wheel marked with numbers from -3 to +3. +3 means your position goes up 3 levels, -3 of course lows you down 3 levels. The game does not reset for a new game. So Tiger is at 5th level, one short from winning. That is why kids were so exhilarated.
Tiger didn't have the luck with the next 2 quarters. I explained to him how this game and other casino slate machines work. He still believed he could win with more quarters. I wanted him to learn by himself, I gave him all my quarters plus one buck bill. Hopefully he learned a lesson, the gambling lesson.

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