Is Ski dangerous?

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Most people might think ski is a dangerous sports activity. I also agree with that until I read a news this morning. The news is about that a 19 year old died after falling from the lift at Heavenly last Wednesday (Nov 28).
This news should make us to believe ski is very dangerous. However, on the paper, it says that according to industry experts, this kind of fatal is so rare that most resorts don't even keep track of its frequency. Injuries are almost always a direct result of a skiing incident, such as people hitting a tree or each other, or just a bad fall. Though myself never had a hurt bad enough to take me to see doctor, but I have heard many people had broken legs.
Here are the facts. Over the past 10 years, about 37 skiers and snowboarders have died each year on the US's slopes, according to National Ski Areas Association data. The rate of death, roughly 2 per 1 million participants, is far lower than those associated with swimming and bicycling. Serious injury, such as paralysis and severe head trauma, occurs on the slopes at a rate of 43 cases per year, according to NSAA figures.
Do you change your mind? But I have seen/heard many friends/colleagues/friend's friend had their legs broken. I will keep going to the slopes no matter what. The reason is simple, I love this sport so much.

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  • artem Friday, December 21, 2007

    We don't completely control our destiny, but we can certainly affect it. Some people increase their risk by doing stupid things like jacking up DIN to feel like a pro, refusing to lower the safety bar on a lift, skiing terrain way over their skill level, not wearing a helmet. A little less machismo, a little more common sense - makes real difference :)

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