How to make money

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I recorded what my funny Eric said this morning.
Eric: I know how to make money
Mom: How?
Eric: with tooth
Mom: Woooo...
Eric: I can make 2 dollars when I lose a tooth. I only didn't get money for one time
Tiger(Eric's old brother): There is no such thing called tooth fairy
Eric: Yes, there is
Tiger: It was Mom giving you all the money
Eric: Mom, where are my teeth?
Mom: I flushed them away.
Eric: No, You can't do that. Give them back to me.

I remember it was very uncomfortable and painful when I lost my teeth 30 years ago. But I never heard any complain from my little Eric. I only saw him pull out a tooth and happily put it under his pillow. Maybe he was so happy he could get 2 dollars. What a little money lover.
"There will be no more tooth fairy in my house." I thought, "We will lose lots of fun."

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