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I registered this space last year, but never found time to add the first entry. Maybe the very first entry is most difficult one to write, as I wanted to write something special and meaningful...... Especially for me, a lazy guy, spend most of my night time on watching DVDs.
After two months, I still couldn't find any clue. But I want to start right away, no more excuses. Let me share this real story, a funny story. You might think it is a joke, but it is a real conversation between my little boy Eric and his mom.
Mom: Good morning! Eric.
Eric: Good morning!
Mom: Did you have a good sleep?
Eric: No.
Mom: Did you make a dream?
Eric: No.
Mom: Why not? Why did you not make a dream?
Eric: I don't like to.
Mom: Why?
Eric: Dream will come true.

I don't know how many of you can understand it. I have to confess. It took me a few seconds to burn into a big laugh. Why? if you have a little boy between 2-5 years old, it would be easier.

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