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Yesterday, I went to Costco to get four new tires for our 2000 MPV. The odometer was broken since last summer. We don't know how many miles it rolled exactly, but it must be over 110k.
This is the fourth time to buy new tires for this mini van. I believe it is too frequent, including the original from Mazda, each pair only worked for less than 30k. I heard people can roll their car for 70k without changing.
I really don't like to visit tire center of Costco, because of the long waiting hour. I can remember last time I waited more than 4 hours until the store was closed. Unfortunately, Costco hands out a new coupon, which is the best ever,
$80 of a set
The line was not too long as I thought yesterday. Maybe because I arrived a bit early. However, I was surprised, the tire P205/65R15 92T I chose was not Michelin, so no discount. The sales suggested me to take Michelin x-radial DT 80K mile warranty, which was $36 higher. I didn't want going back home to do research and nodded OK. The total was $410, the highest ever I paid for four tires.
My wife drove the van back in the afternoon. She told me that she loved the new tires. The van run much smooth and quiet. Next time I will read this
before visiting tire dealer again.
Interesting to know - Speed Rating
In Europe, where selected highways do not have speed limits and high speed driving is permitted, speed ratings were established to match the speed capability of tires with the top speed capability of the vehicles to which they are applied. Speed ratings are established in kilometers per hour and subsequently converted to miles per hour (which explains why speed ratings appear established at "unusual" mile per hour increments). Despite the tire manufacturer's ability to manufacturer tires capable of high speeds, none of them recommend the use of their products in excess of legal speed limits.
Speed ratings are based on laboratory tests where the tire is pressed against a large diameter metal drum to reflect its appropriate load, and run at ever increasing speeds (in 6.2 mph steps in 10 minute increments) until the tire's required speed has been met.
It is important to note that speed ratings only apply to tires that have not been damaged, altered, under-inflated or overloaded. Additionally, most tire manufacturers maintain that a tire that has been cut or punctured no longer retains the tire manufacturer's original speed rating, even after being repaired because the tire manufacturer can't control the quality of the repair.
Beginning in 1991, the speed symbol denoting a fixed maximum speed capability of new tires must be shown only in the speed rating portion of the tire's service description, such as 225/50R16 89S. The most common tire speed rating symbols, maximum speeds and typical applications are shown below:

81 mph

130 km/h


87 mph

140 km/h

Temporary Spare Tires

93 mph

150 km/h


99 mph

160 km/h

Studless & Studdable Winter Tires

106 mph

170 km/h

H.D. Light Truck Tires

112 mph

180 km/h

Family Sedans & Vans

118 mph

190 km/h

Family Sedans & Vans

124 mph

200 km/h


130 mph

210 km/h

Sport Sedans & Coupes

149 mph

240 km/h

Sport Sedans, Coupes & Sports Cars
When Z-speed rated tires were first introduced, they were thought to reflect the highest tire speed rating that would ever be required, in excess of 240 km/h or 149 mph. While Z-speed rated tires are capable of speeds in excess of 149 mph, how far above 149 mph was not identified. That ultimately caused the automotive industry to add W- and Y-speed ratings to identify the tires that meet the needs of new vehicles that have extremely high top-speed capabilities.

168 mph

270 km/h

Exotic Sports Cars

186 mph

300 km/h

Exotic Sports Cars

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  • Refuse Vehicle Repair Saturday, January 29, 2011

    Costco tends to charge relatively low prices for goods which it sells in bulk sizes primarily to large families, small businesses, and the families of owners of small businesses. It is famous for keeping overhead low and returning savings to consumers in the form of lower prices (and therefore it never holds sales)

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