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XD and the 'human agenda' perspective

Lily King
Marketing Coordinator

Experience Design by Oracle Consulting. We understand what customers want, build on the powerful Oracle capability, and deliver exactly what people need.

Businesses are rapidly changing to keep up with today’s fast-paced consumer demand for technology. The digital revolution is creating a thirst for comprehensive, fit-for-purpose solutions that can successfully balance business needs and user experience.

This generates unique challenges for organisations that can’t necessarily be achieved through generic products, as needs are constantly evolving. In the digital world, expectations have skyrocketed and experiences are now perceived as higher value commodities than goods and services.

At Oracle Consulting, we understand the pressures that businesses face today and are co-innovating with our customers to develop original solutions to tackle these challenges. One team in particular knows just how important user-experience is. And is here to help.  


More than just functionality

Experience Design (XD) are a team of experts from Oracle Consulting that solve business problems in a different way. Solutions are tailored to unique challenges and from a ‘human agenda’ perspective – which basically means applying thoughtful design and well-planned technology to make the end-user’s life as seamless and delightful as possible.

Instead of wasting energy, time and resources on finding customers for our products, the XD team focus on providing our customers with the right products. Functionality is at the core, but it is never the whole package.

Be it a business user or customer, every interaction on any interface is designed to deliver a result that breaks down barriers, improves efficiency, grows revenue, minimises risk and reduces cost.


Primary capabilities and skill areas

Innovative teamwork

The Experience Design team are supported by Oracle Consulting Digital Experience (DX), who provide continuous innovation and optimisation to achieve the best possible outcomes for our customers.

User-experience is a vital element that is weaved into the fabric of what we do. It is prioritised in every engagement; and while enhancing, highlighting and augmenting the pre-sales effort, it achieves full value and impact potential during the delivery stage.

Experience Design are dedicated to using data and analytics to validate the decisions behind delivering the right solutions. This minimises risks, produces cost effective outcomes, and contributes to a sustainable future.

Solution-focused processes and delivery

Our processes are built to allow customers to innovate-as-you-go, with hybrid teams of experts in different areas and an interchangeable repository of building blocks.

The reusable aspects of our solutions prove that we are contributing to a sustainable approach. By drawing on examples from the past, we can implement solutions that are guaranteed to work.  

At the same time, with multidisciplinary project teams working from start to finish using rapid prototyping and a prescribed testing strategy, we are able to deliver lean and agile methodologies.


Our work speaks for itself

The Experience Design team have been co-innovating with customers to help them exceed expectations. Some examples are listed below.

Smart Holiday Companion

The XD team worked with one customer to create a solution that can accompany hotel guests throughout their stay. A Digital Assistant is built in to answer any questions, location-based tips help guests plan their visit, and an Augmented Reality add-on enables tours around the hotel. Guest experience has significantly improved and the application uses context based micro-surveys to gather data about the hotel experience.


Skills-based workforce management

One example of our past work is skills-based workforce management. This comprehensive tool has enabled one customer to find the right candidate for every job role through value measures and ratings from a pool of sources, coupled with a lateral focus on less tangible skills like ambition, leadership and vision.


Airline fleet management

This comprehensive solution for airline fleet operations management combines an array of tools, data and technology, the customer is able to facilitate, dramatically improve and significantly speed up the highly complex fleet management operations both on the ground and in the control centre.


Want to know more?

For more information on how the Oracle Consulting Digital Experience team can support your business sector, please contact your Oracle Sales representative.

You can also contact us directly:

Email us: ocdx_ww@oracle.com

Tweet us: @OracleConsult


Please stay tuned for upcoming posts from Oracle Consulting Digital Experience!

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