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Transforming customer and citizen experiences

Lily King
Marketing & Communications Specialist

Customer and citizen needs are constantly changing. Is your organisation prepared?

The increasing need for people to limit face-to-face interaction is accelerating the shift to modern digital experiences. As a result, brands are required to better connect online in order to meet the new primary objective of empathising with customers and supporting them in a meaningful and relevant way. 

Customer experience used to mainly involve differentiating your company's products and services from the rest. Now it's more important to stand out as a trusted advisor that listens to its customers and social trends to address constantly evolving needs. 

Today, customers and citizens are increasingly cautious with their finances and extremely aware of health & safety implications when shopping or undertaking daily activities. 

Customers expect to be offered the ability to interact with organisations in a contactless and digital way. 

Citizens need to be able to trust authorities, especially in times of uncertainty. 

Both customers and citizens want to know that their safety is being prioritised. 

A key learning from the last year is that businesses must be prepared for anything if they want to survive, with an open-minded and resilient approach to understanding the new customer mindset, adapting quickly and effectively. 


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Oracle CX for a changing world 

Consumer views are changing more frequently than ever. The ability to dynamically adjust to new perspectives is necessary for businesses to succeed and stay relevant to their customers. 

Contact centres are under increasing pressure, requiring the ability to automatically and efficiently respond to customers. 

Oracle provides a portfolio of customer experience products to support businesses in a continuously changing marketplace. 

  • Oracle Cloud CX - Marketing provides one place for marketing teams to connect data, with a comprehensive process that follows your target audience across all channels to capture, understand and satisfy their current needs 
  • Oracle Cloud CX - Sales delivers a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that allows organisations to qualify leads whilst increasing collaboration and productivity. It empowers organisations to access critical information prior to an important meeting, raising awareness of unique customer circumstances 
  • Oracle Cloud CX - Service enables customers to find the answers they need online from any device. The self-learning knowledge base improves with every customer interaction and provides deep and valuable insight into every customer or trend. What's more, it allows customers to connect with agents via live chat. 

Other Oracle Cloud CX offerings are also available allowing organisations to provide a complete customer experience, including CX Commerce. CX Platform enables the building of modern experiences through technology such as digital assistants, AI and IoT. 


Experiences to inspire your business 

At Oracle Consulting, we are continuously working with organisations to explore ways in which we can solve unique business challenges and provide enhanced experiences for their customers & citizens. 

We appreciate that organisations are facing many changes due to the current global situation, impacting various departments in your business. For example, social distancing guidelines are disrupting the typical way in which many companies operate, meaning extra precautions are needing to be taken to limit interaction. 

We have numerous use cases that can help businesses maximise the opportunity to reopen in a safe and controlled way, including a mobile app allowing people to start visiting tourist destinations again whilst adhering to strict social distancing guidelines. Tourists can book and plan their trip through the app, which provides downloadable QR code tickets for contactless entry. A map monitors the density of crowds and suggests the safest route for visitors to follow. 

Another example involves using Artificial Intelligence to automatically monitor and analyse the flow of people and identify objects. This solution could be used to identify people who are not wearing masks in public places where this is mandatory, in order to simplify the regulating of such guidelines.

These kinds of innovative solutions are allowing organisations to continue operating efficiently, whilst putting customer needs first. 



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