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Top 5 Things to Know for a Successful Oracle Sales Cloud Implementation

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By Scott Falconer – CX Cloud Functional Lead Oracle Consulting Services EMEA.

Contributions from Deepak Thuse , Mike Della Ripa and George Dimitriou

Oracle Consulting have delivered numerous successful

Top 5 Things to Know for a Successful Oracle Sales Cloud Implementation

Oracle Sales Cloud

projects globally. Below is a very useful summary of the key things our experts believe you need to be aware of for your Oracle Sales Cloud implementation
to be a success.

Tip #1 - Get Educated

A common perception is how much easier it is to implement cloud solutions. This is true in many areas – no hardware or backups to worry about, no need to
maintain or host internally, no need to manage upgrades, etc. But you still need to take this key business system seriously to be sure of a successful
implementation. Oracle Consulting believes you need to clearly understand the project scale and organise and plan accordingly. Also, learn about the
product you are buying; its processes, key components and underlying entities. You will need this knowledge to plan your project. Remember it is still a
key business system for your organisation and it needs your very best attention to make it successful.

Also compare it to buying a new car. Don't continue to drive it like your old car; you need to adapt your driving style! People often make the mistake of
just doing the same thing they did with their old system but with a new shiny paint job and then wonder why they are not getting the results they expected.
Remember as Mark Twain said "If you always do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got". You are innovating with Cloud technology
so think differently!

Tip #2 - It’s a Journey not a Shopping Trip

As opposed to how an on-premises application is deployed, with Oracle Sales Cloud, you are consuming a service. This service has a fixed Release Schedule where the application gets an upgrade and a monthly patch cycle for bugs and fixes. You become part of this schedule when you
provision Oracle Sales Cloud and part of the journey with Oracle as the product evolves. Customers need to be mindful that changes are coming and plan
these in.

Think about your iPhone IOS updates where new features are added and you need to learn new ways to use your phone – same concept here.

Tip #3 - The Buck stops here!

You will need a strong sponsor within your organisation to prevent individuals or group demands de-railing and taking the service into non-standard areas.
This sponsor needs to be able to communicate the future vision and help with the education of the business to adapt.

A key member of any Oracle Sales Cloud Implementation is the Application Administrator. This person needs to be identified and trained by Oracle
University early in the project as they will be the contact person for all release schedules and general day to day running of the system. This person also
needs to be someone who can champion both the solution and product within their business. You will need to become self-sufficient and self-serving in this
new cloud environment and require a strong Application Administrator to help your business understand the changes presented by the cloud.

As with all things in life, if you are in control you can change your destiny.

Tip #4 - Bang the drum

Successful Oracle Sales Cloud implementations are a series of small controlled explosions not a big bang. You have bought a service and a solution and a
good implementation partner such as Oracle Consulting are essential. They should rightly push back on any extreme requirements that move the application
away from standard. While customisation is something to be avoided, Oracle Sales Cloud comes with the most advanced configuration tools available in the
cloud. What would have been a difficult customization for an on-premises application is now simply configuration, enabling custom objects to be easily
created. With our new
Oracle Platform-as-a-Service

(PaaS) environment innovating with your cloud applications are easier and better than ever.

Fast and slow….are you as an organisation going to be able to respond fast enough to a rapid cloud implementation? This can be a problem as Oracle's Rapid
Implementation approach, which has been tuned like a high performing engine, can be way too fast for some customers to keep up with. For example, you will
be required to provide cleansed and ready to load data in the initial first few weeks of the project. Be ready!

You wouldn’t run a race with your work boots on so get your running shoes ready to compete effectively with cloud technology!

Tip #5 - Chicken and Egg planning

Sometimes you don't know what you don't know and this is very true around reporting requirements. We have found that a customer is better making reporting
a Phase 1.1 activity rather than right at the start of the project. This is because it is easier to understand your reporting requirements once you have
your initial core Oracle Sales Cloud implemented but do think about reporting requirements early on, as these drive the business processes and data you
will need.

Once you know you know but not before it’s too late in the process…

And finally…

1. Work with an Implementation Partner who has experience. For example: Oracle Consulting have proven methodologies for implementing cloud solutions.

2. Don’t underestimate Data Migration activities, clean up data prior to loading.

3. Use your Oracle network to support you including your Customer Project Advisor, Customer Success Manager, Oracle Consulting team and Oracle Advanced
Customer Support.

4. Be aware of the implications of SaaS and how you can be successful from the suggestions above.

5. Don’t waste time upfront on requirements gathering get straight into design by learning how the Oracle Sales Cloud product works and adapt to the
standard process and functionality.

By following these recommendations we are sure you and your organisation will innovate and win in the cloud with Oracle’s unique solutions.

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