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Things you must know to get a successful Cloud Journey - Part 1

Louise Tegner
Communications & Marketing Manager

Author: Stina Gamst, HCM Manager at Oracle Consulting

Maybe your company is outgrowing its current technologies and it’s time to take a closer look at transforming to the Cloud option. So most people in the industries will tell you that going to the Cloud is the most effective, economical, low-risk, and scalable way to harvest and analyze the data and get more productive and cost effective as a company – it will actually enable companies to thrive!

Yes, but on the transformation journey, you will not only need to consider the aspects that people inform you about – but also, what they don’t tell you about or have disregarded.

So what preparations did we find out were the crucial ones – so that benefits can be harvested at the end of your Cloud journey?


We learned that it’s important to clean up the old, legacy data and find out what is really necessary to retain. In short, integrate what is legally required and will be needed, but not the rest! So invest the time in analyzing the data quality and data usefulness and make the best decision when integrating only the minimum required information.

Secondly, don’t implement software functionality that you don’t need. Sometimes going for a lean, slim sports car is better than building an army tank!

Know that the interface and look of your new Cloud solution is a current snapshot, and that future updates, patches and fixes will come that will gradually further optimize the look and feel of your new Cloud environment.

At the planning phase, start visualizing and imagining how your Cloud solution will be interfaced with your other various on-premise systems.

And lastly, be prepared for the fact that it will probably take more system iterations and playbacks than you initially imagined!


Reasons for transforming to the Cloud

So what are the reasons for going to the Cloud now that you need to do all these heavy preparations?

1) First of all, there is no need to purchase servers or networking equipment but you can simply subscribe to a Cloud service instead that fits the capacity and resources that you need.

2) Also, to a much larger extent than before you can take care of your IT business on your own and only involve your Cloud provider when you need in-depth expertise.

3) In Cloud based systems, it’s easier to build automated workflows that connect your systems and apps.

4) You can use intuitive, powerful analytics to translate data from multiple sources into intelligent analytics that can drive sound, robust decisions for your HR team.

5) Your resources, systems and applications in the Cloud can quickly scale to support changes in your business and you can develop or enhance processes, such as e.g. onboarding or performance management in the Cloud more quickly and with more quality in the outcome.

Cloud environment systems provide sophisticated analytical tools that you can use to understand, direct, and control your business and they will facilitate mobile access to your company systems and data, no matter how many users are involved or which mobile devices you prefer to use. Regarding security, Cloud based systems are strong and solid, but at the same time less rigid so that most adjustments can be carried out by your own super users. Thus setting up a team of super users should also be part of your preparation strategy, so that you are prepared for your future Cloud world and the fun journey you will be on to get there!

An article by Sandra Skoglund Henriksson, HR Service Center Director at Nynas and Stina Gamst, HCM Manager at Oracle Consulting​ on Cloud thoughts and tips.

This is the first article of a series of three, so stay tuned on more Cloud talk….

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