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The Lightness of Upgrade

Guest Author

By Petr Hosek, Senior Director, Oracle EMEA Consulting

 Do you also have a mixed feeling when you are alerted by your computer or smart phone that a new version of your software is available, and you definitely should upgrade?

In the Enterprise world patching, updating or upgrading bears a totally different level of complexity. Whenever a new version pops up, IT managers are agonizing if to go for it!? Sometimes the new features do not justify the effort to undertake the step. And we so often see Enterprises skipping one version or another, especially if the new upgrade does not contain any killer feature relevant for them.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else could take care of all the included risks, the complicated testing and usual downtime? Welcome to the new world of upgrading – upgrading in public cloud!

Most of the tasks that users know from on premise installations are – like by swish of a magic wand – taken care of by the Cloud Service provider! They have to test the new version thoroughly, they have to make it smooth and hassle-free for the end-user, they have to ensure compatibility of your applications and data in the cloud environment. And it is much more efficient if this effort is spent once for many users, rather than in the on premise world where every customer has to carry it out on their own.

You may argue that upgrading in public cloud is much easier since the cloud environment is much less customized then on premise installations. But isn’t that the whole concept of public cloud, after all!

The “irresistible lightness” of easy upgrades will lead to dramatic increase of speed with which new updates and upgrades will be introduced. Just think of your smart phone - how often are you requested to update one app or another? We probably will never see such a frequency in the enterprise software world. However, if the providers can ensure the process runs smoothly and without any ramifications – why not? Mending errors and bringing new meaningful features – I am all for it!

You can see the Oracle’s ever growing Public Cloud Offering here.

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