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Rapidly develop & deploy a digital solution on the Oracle Cloud 

Businesses and their processes are constantly changing, as is the behaviour of customers & employees. Now, more than ever, organisations are needing to quickly adapt to survive and grow. 

The challenge for each and every company is unique, so the business solution that one adopts may not necessarily be the right fit for another. 

Often, the best way to develop a new solution that can support your specific business needs is by quickly bringing an idea to life and testing it. This can provide rapid time to value with minimum risk. 


Developing your idea 

Delivering a new solution can be an exciting and rewarding experience, however it is important to mitigate risk by performing a gradual and incremental release cycle. There are a number of agile innovation methods that can help you explore new ideas by introducing an iterative approach to development, accelerating learning and stakeholder alignment within your organisation: 

  • Proof of Concept (PoC) 
    This involves experimenting with an initial idea to evaluate how well it may perform in the 'real' world. Usually it proves the feasibility of a small piece of functionality. 
  • Prototype 
    This generally involves building your idea into a UX mock-up design (clickable prototype), to assess how it reacts visually and learn what does and doesn't work. 
  • Pilot 
    This is the trial of a mostly completed and functional solution to a selection of your end users, whether they are employees, customers or suppliers. This is a live solution that enables further evaluation and minor tweaks to be made before releasing. 
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) 
    This is essentially the first iteration of your solution sent out live to all users, while only releasing the core functionality behind your product. 


What is Fast Innovation Track?

We at Oracle Consulting understand that you may want to release a solution using an agile innovation approach. This is why we have introduced a service where we work with you on your idea and build a pilot or MVP using Oracle Cloud technology in around four weeks. 

Fast Innovation Track helps customers get their foot on the first step of the ladder by delivering a pilot or MVP as quickly as feasibly possible to end users, providing rapid business value. 

The Fast Innovation Track service has been designed to be flexible around your unique business needs. The timescale is purposefully short in order to accelerate time to value by focusing on a scope that is adapted to fit the timeline based on various priorities. 



Why use Fast Innovation Track? 

Your business needs to quickly adapt and acclimatise to ever-changing needs and demands. You may want to consider Fast Innovation Track if any of the following points apply to you: 

  • You want to take small steps in moving your business to the cloud. This solution will assist you with rapidly creating a modern version of your existing custom application. 
  • You want to ensure your solution continues to be necessary and relevant as it progresses through its development cycle. 
  • You have a new idea and want to rapidly demonstrate its value to end users. 


What do you get? 

Setup of required Oracle Cloud services 
Configured cloud services will depend on solution architecture & time available. 

Visual prototype / mock-up
A visual prototype or mock-up is typically provided for all types of engagements, whether that is a pilot or MVP.

Initial implementation 
You will get an initial implementation of your solution, dependant on whether it's a pilot or MVP. 

Solution roadmap and recommendations 
We will define and document our roadmap and recommendations for next steps, which will be shared with you and your business stakeholders. 


Value for your business 

Customers that have selected our Fast Innovation Track solution have experienced many benefits. The value for your business could include: 

  • Early visibility of solution - Through visual prototypes you will be able to gain early visibility of what your solution or service will look like and how it will work before it is developed. 
  • Modern user experience - Our dedicated in-house Experience Design team will be on hand to ensure you receive the highest possible guidance and expertise around best practices and design.
  • Rapid time to value - Delivering in a short timeframe allows your users to experience the solution in weeks and not months. You will quickly start to recognise the value from your users' perspective. 
  • Vision alignment - Agile delivery provides many opportunities for you and your stakeholders to get engaged in the project. This allows better alignment around the vision and provides overall success. 
  • Architectural assistance - Our architects have vast experience in delivering successful solutions to our customers globally. We also work directly with Oracle product teams to ensure that we have the most up to date product expertise. 
  • Clear strategy - We will work collaboratively with you to align your overall strategy. We will provide you with detailed recommendations on next steps in line with your needs. 



Want to know more? 

For more information click below to view & download our Fast Innovation Track eBook, or speak to your Oracle Consulting sales representative to see how we can help you. 

View and download our Fast Innovation Track eBook here!


You can also contact us directly

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