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  • September 10, 2019

Soar to Cloud - An Overview

Kailyn Marriott
North America Marketing and Communications, Oracle Consulting


Dawn Austin, Senior Director, Cloud Migration, Oracle Consulting

Ross Emerton, Senior Director, Cloud Migration, Oracle Consulting

According to Cowen/Altman Vilandrie & Co 2018 Cloud Survey, over 50% of businesses expect to migrate non-cloud workloads to the cloud within two years. Each company’s reasons for moving to the cloud are different and include some or all of the below drivers:

  • Cost reduction – according to Forrester Research, 75% of today’s IT budget is spent on maintenance. Companies with aging hardware are assessing the business value of operating expense model vs. a large capital investment.
  • Innovate to differentiate and competeMIT Sloan Review reports that 79% of business fears disruption from upstarts and Constellation Research says that 75% of companies admit innovation is stifled by integration issues.
  • Reduce risk – 91% of customers responding to Health IT Outcomes survey have experienced unplanned outages.
  • Mitigate lack of talent – 30% of smaller enterprises and a quarter of larger enterprises complained about a lack of available talent to do cloud migrations based on an IDC Survey Spotlight report.  

In a cloud migration, it is imperative to simultaneously operate in a new paradigm while continuing to embrace the "business as usual” operating model.

Oracle Consulting has designed the Soar Cloud migration offering for IaaS and PaaS, a rapid like-for-like migration approach to help our customers shift databases and applications to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) based on the business outcomes they are trying to achieve. Our proprietary platform leverages automation and accelerators to migrate both Oracle and non-Oracle workloads, delivering powerful results for the modern organization’s journey to the Cloud. 

Oracle’s processes and tooling are based on decades of experience consolidated into “best practices” and captured into a proprietary platform with automation and analytics. Our Cloud Certified delivery teams and tight alignment with product teams uniquely position Oracle Consulting to be the ‘how” behind your business transformation. Our approach for Cloud migration has three steps – Analyzing, Planning, and Migrating. Project management spans the project lifecycle to establish defined goals and objectives with a single governance model.


As part the of analysis phase, we review and analyze source workloads. There is tremendous flexibility in terms of migration methods supported including ExaData, Bare Metal instances, virtual machines, non-container to container database migration, 10g to 19c migration, and other permutations to meet your business needs. Our workload analysis allows us to quickly identify the right migration approach. Tooling provides the transparency to view the entire database and application estate and determine workloads with similar characteristics that should be grouped for migration. 


During estate planning, Oracle Consulting reviews capacity, identifies opportunities for consolidation, and creates consolidation rules. This helps us plan the appropriate target architecture, capacity pools, and load hardware. Once we have the picture of source and target, we conduct a project impact analysis and calculate target resources.

Finally, we present the results of analysis and planning in a workshop, working with you to build an overall migration schedule and wave plan based on business priorities and constraints.  Together we identify any issues and refine our estate analysis and planning approach.


After we complete our final review of the analysis and planning deliverables with you, the Soar platform conducts an automated capacity review, then verifies the security requirements and considerations before the migration begins. Our provisioning engine builds the target infrastructure based on consolidation rules and Oracle’s architecture standards and best practices. Then migration proceeds in three stages with real-time migration insights visible throughout execution:

  1. Migration Readiness: A process that verifies the source to target connectivity, security considerations, etc.
  2. Migration: The actual migration of databases or applications from source to target environment at the click of a button.
  3. Post Migration: validate the migration on target environment and provide support for production environments


Value of Migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

  • Enables continuous innovation: once aligned with Oracle products and Cloud-enabled, your business is positioned to take advantage of continuous platform improvement for the modern business needs e.g. chatbot, analytics, and autonomous enterprise. New innovation is introduced every 90 days.
  • Reduces security vulnerabilities: security vulnerabilities can put technical assets at risk and many businesses lack the capacity to address security given today’s constraints on IT talent. OCI provides a modern, secure architecture.
  • Minimizes change impact: since Soar migrations are like for like and do not modify applications, there is minimal impact to business users when compared with a direct to SaaS model.

The Oracle Consulting Difference

  • Payment based on outcomes with no up-front costs: Soar fixed price offerings based on number of databases or application lifecycle environments makes pricing predictable. Customers pay for migration services at completion of successful migrations. There is no up-front cost.
  • Improved accuracy: Automation and repeatable processes facilitate an accelerated move to Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure in a predictable manner, reducing error associated with manual approaches.  
  • Inline upgrade to OCI compliant database: Modernize with your upgrade to the Cloud by including a  database upgrade with your migration to achieve OCI compatibility.
  •  Complete transparency: “what you see is what we see.”
  • Tight alignment with product teams: One Oracle expedites resolution of any product issues reducing time to migrate and ensures post-migration success.
  • Cloud Certified Consultants: knowledge of Cloud technology and Oracle products helps design your target infrastructure in a way that is high-performing, secure, and cost effective.

If you want to learn more about Soar, you can reach out to soar-migrations_us@oracle.com. Join us at OpenWorld for the Oracle Soar sessions.


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