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Product Content Strategy: A Theoretical Approach

Vivek Rengaraj
Marketing Manager

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Author: Michael Harris, Principal Consultant, UK

To keep ahead of the competition, businesses need to ensure they provide consumers with the best possible user experience. The digital era and internet provide companies with opportunities and platforms that give consumers the ability to experience products in non-tangible ways. The benefits of ensuring a positive user experience are great, and reducing the amount of pain points a consumer experiences are a necessity. 

Understanding the customer decision-making process means that businesses can minimise the risk of negatively impacting the customer, which could affect conversion and engagement. By comprehending possible motivations, a business can manage its cognitive and experiential signals to engage with customers in the most efficient ways possible. 
Engagement through an understanding of the customer decision-making process gives a business the opportunity, firstly, to satisfy the customer through positive interaction and, secondly, to build trust and brand loyalty that can result in repeat traffic and formed relationships. Customers use these relationships to fulfil parts of their lives, and once a relationship has been created it can be very beneficial for a business. Businesses can use these relationships to improve interactivity and customer satisfaction and improve the overall user experience.

Understanding the focal points of customer experience, customer decision making, motivations, content design and engagement helps us to comprehend the importance of product content and its design in relation to various platforms, executions and customers. These areas are also important for understanding external factors that can negatively or positively influence engagement of product content.

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