We are breaking the bias in our support for women leaders

April 11, 2022 | 4 minute read
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Diversity drives innovation—and when women come to work with us—their voices are heard. We empower women to achieve their goals alongside colleagues striving to level the playing field. This makes Oracle a place to thrive, aspire, and be supported by other women that have paved the way. Here, four leaders share what it’s like to revolutionize the future of technology.

Committed to broader horizons

Heidi Cleary Senior Director of Finance NACT Hardware Infrastructure
Heidi Cleary
Senior Director of Finance
NACT Hardware Infrastructure

Great technology takes great ideas, but great ideas can’t flourish without diversity and understanding. This didn’t go unnoticed by Heidi Cleary, senior director of finance for NACT Hardware Infrastructure. “Trust was immediate at Oracle versus the situation at other companies where I had to fight for my seat at the table, let alone to be heard,” she shares.

Swathi Joshi
Vice President
SaaS Information Security

Tech cloud senior sales director, Hanane El Mir, has felt right at home since starting her journey with us. “Oracle offered me a safe environment to work and perform, there has been always a gender balance, equitable distribution of life’s opportunities and resources between women and men, and equal representation of women and men.”

For Swathi Joshi, feeling part of the team has been something that’s motivated her every morning, “It’s fantastic to see a commitment to belonging in a true sense. Being in a position to make a change and making our collective voices heard at the right level has brought a lot of satisfaction for me personally.

Asking for more

Beth Dvoracek believes education will ultimately lead to acceptance, something she sees every day at Oracle. She also attributes our company-wide success to innovation driven by inclusion and a culture that champions self-advocacy.

Beth Dvoracek
GVP, NA Consulting Services – HCM

She says, “Most of my career I was the only female on the senior level leadership staff. Because of this, I could see I was bringing a different perspective that ultimately made the teams I worked with more well-rounded and connected. At Oracle, there are more women leaders, creating an equitable team dynamic, and we are continuing to achieve our diversity goals by creating more balanced teams.”

Hanane agrees that the learning opportunities offered by the company inspired her to stand up for her career and ask for more, “The best part is that I was learning and expanding my knowledge year over year. I have the opportunity to work in different LOBs Technology, Systems, SaaS, Tech Cloud and that’s the beauty of Oracle - you can really grow and learn.”

Along with personal growth, we can all do more in the world of technology to promote and accelerate equality. Beth feels companies can reach out to minority schools more—something we actively engage in at Oracle—and post jobs accessible to all.

She also suggests more internal mobility, a principle we stand by, “Don’t always hire from the outside to fill positions—make sure internal teams know positions are open and can apply.”

Advice from women to women

Hanane El Mir
Tech Cloud Senior Sales Director

We asked these leaders what advice they’d have given themselves when starting out in technology. While the answers differ, one theme cut through: be your own advocate and always stand up for your wants and beliefs.

Swathi encourages young women to dream big, “If someone says your capability doesn’t match your aspirations then learn new capabilities and raise your aspirations.”

“Prepare for hard conversations with bosses about pay gaps and promotions, and aim higher. Ask for more than what you want,” Beth says. Heidi urges everyone to be aware of bias, “Education helps you recognize when you are being stereotyped but also when you might be doing it yourself. Watch videos, read articles, have discussions. It’s worth it!”  Hanane rounds everything off with this: “Be strong, believe in yourself, be determined, know what you want to do with your life and go for it.”

Are you a woman pursuing a career in tech? Explore our current openings and come create an inclusive future at Oracle.

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