A peek into the machinery room of the Oracle Cloud “Sustainable Business” solution

November 9, 2022 | 2 minute read
Marc Kamphausen
SVP EMEA Applications Consulting
Paul Mardle
Enterprise Architect and Sustainability Lead
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Detailed ad-hoc analysis, benchmarking, and visualization of trends are just a few of the many offerings on the single trusted platform needed for ESG reporting that Oracle Consulting can help you implement within a few weeks.

Using green energy sources and saving electricity and water is the order of the day. But do you know which of your facilities has the highest energy intensity? Can you identify facilities where switching to renewable energy would maximize cost savings and emission reductions?

Oracle Cloud offers a robust enterprise performance management (EPM) suite that enables organizations to do just that. On our “Sustainable Business” platform, managers can aggregate data on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices and monitor the process for accountability. Collecting data, aligning it across the organization alongside all the planning, reporting and forecasting — everything on one interactive dashboard.

Financial-quality ESG reporting

Whether you are a manager who needs insights into the current performance of a business unit, or a sustainability, finance or HR officer with the responsibility to come up with a timely and accurate ESG report — the “Sustainable Business” platform enables you to perform detailed ad-hoc analysis and visualize trends that your management and stakeholders can trust.

Boosted by artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Oracle Cloud solution allows you to gather, measure and assure relevant KPIs, including variance to benchmark levels, that align with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards. That way, organizations can conquer the ESG sphere with the same rigour and technical expertise as they manage their finances.

ESG solution

Benchmark performance against competitors

Working with the dashboard allows managers in charge of the sustainability agenda to speed up the ESG R2R cycle and inform management by evaluating multiple scenarios quickly and making better decisions easily. You gain deeper insights and can provide a narrative to give context to your sustainability performance against a series of recognized metrics and benchmark against close competitors.

Have you had trouble managing various data sources and spreadsheets in your ESG reporting so that it is transparent to all stakeholders and regulators? We at Oracle Consulting are ready to team up with managers of your organization to implement the “Sustainable Business” platform within a few weeks. This includes identifying integrations, refining data collection from source systems, final integration, and user acceptance testing. Of course, Oracle Consulting also offers continued support once a platform is live.

Our team at Oracle Consulting trains your staff so that you get a grip on the real operational drivers of your ESG performance. Consequently, this allows you to demonstrate your ESG commitments to stakeholders in the most credible way and lead your organization into a sustainable future.

Learn why now is the best time for organizations to connect all lines of business on ESG principles with Oracle Cloud EPM.

Marc Kamphausen

SVP EMEA Applications Consulting

Paul Mardle

Enterprise Architect and Sustainability Lead

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