Moving to the Cloud: Oracle Consulting clients share top 3 secrets of success

November 10, 2022 | 5 minute read
Greg Zanowski
SVP, Oracle Consulting North America
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As part of the Plan, Adopt, Innovate track at Oracle CloudWorld, a dozen of our clients across multiple industries took the stage to share their cloud migration stories.

While each client is completely unique, their secrets to success, the challenges they faced, and the lessons learned along their journey to Oracle Cloud were very similar across the board.

Here are the top three secrets of success shared across all their sessions and those that I feel are most valuable to any organization embarking on a cloud migration project.

1. Moving to the Cloud requires a shift in mindset

Jenn Warpinski of Taylor Corporation and Betsie Reynolds of Oracle Consulting speaking at CloudWorld
Jenn Warpinski of Taylor Corporation and Betsie Reynolds
of Oracle Consulting speaking at CloudWorld

The move to the cloud for most organizations can be complex and demanding. It’s not just a software upgrade. It’s an organization-wide shift in mindset, culture, and ways of working. Nobody knows this better than Jenn Warpinski, Vice President of Enterprise Transformation at Taylor Corporation, a US$2 billion privately held, diversified global company.

Taylor selected Oracle Consulting to replace its legacy back-office systems with Oracle Cloud Applications across 48 legal entities and 86 independently operated companies. The project focused on a business transformation that would enable the company to modernize, streamline, and standardize critical financial and business systems and processes.

During her session, Jenn spoke with Oracle Consulting’s VP of Transformation and Strategic Services, Betsie Reynolds, and the two discussed the three strategies that drove Taylor’s transformation to Oracle Cloud:

  • Make it simple from the start  
    Engage with people across the business and help them connect the dots to their work.
  • Demonstrate leadership at multiple levels throughout the implementation
    Recognize change management as everyone’s job, not a single team or person.
  • Envision the future
    Bring the implementation roadmap to life by helping others see how moving to the cloud will help them do their jobs better, faster, and easier.

Take a deeper dive into Taylor’s transformation story. Read “Planning a big cloud application rollout? Taylor Corp. offers a change management blueprint.

2. Following a prescriptive approach gets you to the cloud faster

Russell Haupert speaking with Oracle Consulting’s Bruno Binkley at CloudWorld
Russell Haupert speaking with Oracle Consulting’s
Bruno Binkley at CloudWorld

If you are seeking a smooth and successful cloud migration that will be on time and on budget, take a page out of City of Tampa’s playbook. By ditching their 8,500 customizations and leveraging Oracle Consulting’s recommended deployment approach and Soar data migration framework, they moved from Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle Cloud ERP, HCM, and SCM in just 10 months and reduced implementation costs by as much as 30 percent.

Russell Haupert, CIO, CTO, and Director of Technology and Innovation, City of Tampa shared his success story at CloudWorld stating, “We had 10 months to go live, so we sat down with Oracle Consulting and asked, ‘is this possible and how could we do this?’ We collaborated and realized that if we got rid of our 8,500 customizations and did an out-of-the-box implementation, we might be able to go live a lot faster. We followed their advice. We followed the process, and we got the results. It was just that simple.”

Learn more about how Tampa Soared to Oracle Cloud

3. Choose the right partner and trusted advisor

Choosing the right partner who can also be a trusted advisor throughout and beyond the project was a key theme we heard across all our clients’ sessions.

The rapid adoption of cloud technologies is transforming businesses forever, pushing them to adapt and compete. These increasing pressures have made it critical to find not only the right technology vendor, but also the right services partner: a partner to guide, support, and ensure their cloud technologies are delivering the greatest value throughout the entire enterprise system’s lifecycle.

Derrick Leggett speaking at CloudWorld
Derrick Leggett speaking at CloudWorld

Derrick Leggett, SVP of Information Technology and Head of IT at AMC Theatres, has been working with Oracle Consulting for the past 14 years. Recently, the movie theatre giant made its first move to the cloud to modernize an aging source-to-pay process, implement a solution that supports their post-pandemic growth strategy, and lay the foundation for a larger cloud migration in the future. It was a project Derrick said was “absolutely the smoothest implementation we've ever had with Oracle.”

When asked about the importance of establishing a trusted relationship with their implementation partner, Derrick shared, “The ability to establish and maintain a trusted relationship, to have difficult conversations and quickly change directions based on that, has been why we continue doing business with Oracle Consulting.”

He elaborated, “In the 14 years we've been working with Oracle Consulting, we’ve always been able to pick up the phone or message someone, text them, and it doesn't matter if it's in the middle of the day our time, their time, middle of the night, we get an answer. We work through the issues.”

Let us help you plan a smoother path to Oracle Cloud

It was an absolute pleasure to see and hear our clients share their stories at CloudWorld. If you were there, I hope you had a chance to catch one of their sessions.

If you are interested in learning more about how Oracle Consulting can help you with your Oracle Cloud Application project, either talk to your Oracle Software executive about bringing us into your discussions or reach out to us directly to start the discussion.

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Greg Zanowski

SVP, Oracle Consulting North America

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