How automating accounts-payable processes improves early payment success for Oxygen Finance

March 22, 2022 | 3 minute read
Kathy Wu
Communication Manager
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The leading early payments provider eliminates manual tasks and streamlines processes with Oracle Integration Cloud, driving impact for its future clients.

The Challenge

Oxygen Finance is a leading technology and professional services provider that enables organizations to unlock value within their supply chain by providing early payment solutions to them. Oxygen Finance traditionally used point-to-point integration with its customers’ finance systems which were complex, time-consuming, and difficult to manage. To limit costs and reduce the time to execute, Oxygen needed a new, repeatable solution that it could provide to future clients.

The Solution

The Oracle Consulting team were able to provide the in-depth skills and expertise required to deliver a set of fully automated integrations built in Oracle Integration Cloud.

The solution has the following capabilities:

  1. Repeatable, through a standardized set of interfaces that are maintained through Oracle Integration Cloud
  2. Reduced cost as it is based-on Oracle’s cost-effective, robust, and reliable second-generation OCI
  3. Reduced dependencies on Oxygen Finance’s own clients by using standard features, linking seamlessly into Oracle ERP solutions such as E-Business and Oracle ERP Cloud.


Deployment for Oxygen Finance with its customers could previously run to as many as 100 days across several months. This has been reduced to be ready for user acceptance testing in just one to two weeks for each new customer.



"Technology integration with our clients is crucial to the success of our Oxygen Early Payment products. Having an "out-of-the-box" solution for clients using Oracle Fusion is a big step forward. Having built this solution with Oracle Consulting, it has given all parties confidence in the quality, scalability, and the security of the integration process.” – Rob Parker, CTO Oxygen Finance




Utilizing standard functionality has also helped Oxygen Finance provide peace of mind to its own customers. This is due to:

  • Processes are applied uniformly across all customers as an adoption rather than adaption ensuring there are no inconsistencies across deployed code
  • Standard functionality provides a level of futureproofing as it is designed for longevity within the cloud, taking advantage of both Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle Integration Cloud updates reducing or removing the need for remedial actions on upgrades
  • Deployment is quick, with no lengthy demands on the customers to provide resources to build out anything for Oxygen Finance platform to interact.


With Oxygen Finance using Oracle Integration Cloud and working with Oracle Consulting to deploy the solution, it provides further reassurance to their clients who rely on Oracle ERP Cloud that they’re getting a solution that is built with their systems in mind.

Business Outcomes:

The solution is automating accounts-payable processes with second-generation cloud OCI. The automating of the invoice process has freed up valuable resources from managing complex integrations and allows customer to be more focused on their business. It increases throughput and removes human error by automating the process from end-to-end and accelerated the time to execute.


“We look forward to continuing this successful journey with Oracle and rolling the solution out to new and existing clients.” – Rob Parker, CTO Oxygen Finance


3 Key Takeaways:

  1. To succeed in delivering a solution that was both easy to deploy and maintain, Oxygen Finance and Oracle Consulting worked as a team to share an understanding of the process and of the tools together to create the final application
  2. By sticking to Oracle Integration Cloud standard deployment patterns, it helped reduce the overall risk and cost of the initial build, and subsequent customer journeys for Oxygen Finance’s own clients
  3. Working together to provide a better all-around solution that has provided Oxygen Finance with a springboard and the confidence to continue to deploy the solution themselves.



Author: Lisa Dearnley-Davison, Consulting Practice Manager for Integration at Oracle


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Kathy Wu

Communication Manager

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