Moving to the cloud? Be sure to include these five guiding principles in your global process design

December 12, 2023 | 4 minute read
Greg Zanowski
SVP, Oracle Consulting North America
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Moving your operations from on-premises to the cloud is a major undertaking that requires careful planning and execution. Having a well thought out global process design is key to ensuring a successful cloud journey and outcome.

We’ve worked with countless large and complex international organizations to help them move to Oracle Cloud with a prescriptive approach for global design. Based on learnings from those projects, we’ve identified some of the most important guiding principles that every global process design should include.

1. Embrace and Plan for Change

Thriving in the cloud comes from embracing and planning for change on an ongoing basis – it ultimately defines success and can sometimes be the hardest to achieve. The good news is that you don’t have to wait for go live. During a move to the cloud, you can embrace organization-wide shift in mindset, culture, and ways of working. One of the best change management strategies we stress in our projects is to have dedicated internal resources and a solid plan in place before embarking on any major transformation project. In addition, plan for the hyper-collaboration needed after go-live across IT and the business to evaluate ongoing innovation delivered by cloud in the context of other changes in your business.

Oracle Consulting’s Transformation Services team has helped countless clients drive their transformation through the software implementation so they can adopt and sustain future ways of working as smoothly as possible, achieving faster time to value. Learn about our Transformation Services.

2. Don’t replicate what you do today, tomorrow

We always advise our clients that just because you’ve always done something the same way for years doesn’t mean you should keep doing it the same way in the future.

During the global process design phase of every project, we work with our clients to help them reimagine their future state. Making a move to the cloud is a great opportunity to focus on improving and creating better and more efficient business processes.

During CloudWorld 2023, Hertz executives talked about how they used their implementation as an opportunity to transform and simplify business processes as they moved from Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle Cloud.

3. Think globally

Many clients we work with are extremely decentralized with no centralized global processes. This can sometimes lead to communication challenges, inconsistent processes, redundancies, and higher overhead costs.

Working closely with our clients during the design phase, we help them synchronize their global business processes as much as possible to help them increase efficiency and scale at a faster pace. In addition, reporting becomes quicker and more accurate when everyone is doing things the same way across global operations. Learn how we helped Taylor Corporation unify operations across its 86 independently operated companies by thinking globally.

4. Use leading practices

When working with clients on their on-premises to cloud transformation, we always advise them to leverage Oracle Modern Best Practices and avoid unnecessary customizations, unless required as an industry-specific differentiator. By following an out-of-the-box approach and ditching customizations as much as possible, our clients can achieve a smooth and successful cloud migration. Learn how this approach worked for City of Tampa to move them to Oracle Cloud in 10 months.

5. Empower managers and employees

We want to make sure that every decision our clients make throughout the entire global process design is focused on building a solution that empowers managers and their employees to be more efficient. To do that, we always advise our clients to:

  • Use self-service whenever possible.
  • Use approval workflows and built-in constraints to allow for necessary checks and balances.
  • Increase user adoption by designing a system with end users in mind.

Learn how Choctaw Nation, the third largest Indian nation in the US, reduced manual HR and payroll processes by more than 80% in the first month by following this guiding principle.

Are you ready to start?

If you are preparing for a move to the cloud or just starting out, be sure to incorporate all or some of these guiding principles into your global process design. You may also want to seek the guidance from experienced consulting experts who can support and enhance the success of the global process design that will move you to the cloud.

Let us help you plan a smoother path to Oracle Cloud

At Oracle Consulting, we’re the experts that other experts seek out for industry-leading practices in implementing Oracle Cloud applications. With our deep know-how and proven industry expertise from implementing countless cloud journeys, we help our customers successfully go live and thrive in the cloud.

Let us help you!

If you are interested in learning more about how Oracle Consulting can help you with your transformation to Oracle Cloud, either talk to your Oracle Software executive about bringing us into your discussions or reach out to us directly.

Greg Zanowski

SVP, Oracle Consulting North America

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