Championing sustainable consulting with zero carbon customer projects

January 31, 2023 | 3 minute read
Ainslie Beattie
Sustainability Lead - Oracle Technology Consulting
Giustino Longo
VP, Oracle Technology Consulting EMEA
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A 2022 report from IDC (International Data Corporation) lists Oracle in the top six technology companies in EMEA in terms of sustainability action. We earned this high ranking through our commitment to Zero Carbon Data Centres, our global effort to reduce our carbon footprint internally, and supporting customers on their own green journeys.

As a global technology leader, Oracle has a responsibility to guide both in the ongoing fight for the sustainability of the planet, and of course the footprint of IT as an industry, helping to set the standard for other companies. We have been incorporating sustainability as a key component of our business ethos for many years, and are paving the way for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards. Not only this, but we are driving demonstrable change throughout our organisation and sharing our specialist knowledge across the data sector. 

Delivering on projects that support the sustainability goals of our customers, as well as our own, is something we are deeply dedicated to. In order to ensure our progress is real and measurable, we are targeting 100% renewable energy use by 2025, and Net Zero emissions by 2050. At Oracle, we work tirelessly to improve our sustainability stance, and in 2021, we recycled and reused 99.6% of retired hardware.

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Delivering on our sustainability mission

Oracle recently began opening specialist Innovation Centres to test our sustainability credentials across key industry areas in real-time. Our ambition is to draw out potential solutions that will enhance our approach, and ultimately enable us to champion ESG across multiple industries and beyond. 

One area in which we are carrying out immediate change is across our Technology Consulting projects. We strongly believe that all aspects of business should take advantage of the learning the pandemic forced us to undertake and have been trialling a Zero Carbon delivery initiative with some of our customers. Prime examples include the leaps forward in terms of video conferencing technologies and other digital solutions that have dramatically reduced our consulting footprint.

Greener world-class consulting

To help us plug into the mentality of sustainability first and sustainability always across the consulting division, since January 2023 we have rolled out our Zero Carbon Delivery program across Technology Consulting EMEA. We now collaborate with customers to jointly increase virtual meetings wherever possible and offset what we cannot avoid. The result? A significantly lower carbon footprint for all consulting engagements, marking a game changing step forward in hitting our internal and market-required targets.

Through this scheme, our intentions are to play an even bigger part in assisting our customers to transition to a greener future, which is an integral contribution to our ESG commitment. We are combining our pioneering technology know-how and our world-class products to help our customers achieve their sustainability ambitions, because innovative solutions undoubtedly have a central role to play on the road to Net Zero.  

When consistently holding up a sustainability lens, our consultants will be able to work closer to their homes and offices, deliver even more for our customers, and continue their own personal sustainability journeys with Oracle.

Join us. Take your customers further. Let sustainability infiltrate the way you work.


Contact Ainslie Beattie, Sustainability Lead - Oracle Technology Consulting for more information.


Ainslie Beattie

Sustainability Lead - Oracle Technology Consulting

Giustino Longo

VP, Oracle Technology Consulting EMEA

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