Australia's leading essential network service provider uses Cloud solutions to modernize its infrastructure

March 29, 2022 | 3 minute read
Jacey Allan
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Service Stream gains a new advantage with Oracle Field Service Cloud

Service Stream Limited is an S&P/ASX 200 listed business providing integrated end-to-end asset life-cycle services to utility and telecommunications asset owners, operators, and regulators across Australia.

Service Stream specializes in the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of assets across these networks. It delivers a range of services across electricity, gas, water and renewable energy utilities, and fixed and wireless telecommunication networks. As part of its Utilities LOB (Energy & Water), Service Stream provides contract metering services to Utilities around Australia covering Water, Gas and Electricity.

A Natural Progression towards Cloud Migration

Being Australia’s leading essential network service provider across the telecommunication and utility industries, it was imperative for them to be consistent at service delivery and have a viable delivery model.
For more than 30 years, Service Stream’s Metering group operated on numerous client-owned, data collection systems. These systems run on Windows XP Desktops and Windows CE Mobile technology that was expensive to maintain, with few modern facilities. This signalled for a transformative change in how things can work better and smarter.
Industry trends have also reflected a rising need for telecommunication companies and providers to switch from legacy technologies to cloud-based and open technologies. Flexibility and agility are two important factors in the long run.

Why Oracle and Oracle Consulting

With that, migrating onto the Cloud is a major step forward for Service Stream to evolve and adapt to meet changing market and competitive demands. With modern systems in place, they seek to centralize all data sources and in turn, become more efficient.
In line with Service Stream’s objective, Oracle Consulting identified the gaps of how Cloud solutions can create business opportunities. Oracle Field Service Cloud helps to address the need of real-time visibility of resources and have easy-to-use tools. All this work together to create a more synergistic workplace for users and for Service Stream management to form better decisions, driving profitability.

“Link” – Service Stream’s Tailored Meter Reading Solution

Within a year, Service Stream adopted a single source of truth via a centralized data import and export repository. It is also seamlessly integrated with Utilities’ inbound and outbound data files. This allowed them to have complete real-time visibility of the current location of meter readers. This new and improved system was coined as “Link”, a solution for Service Stream and its customers across the water, gas and electricity sectors. Its first customer, APA Group, also came onboard this new dashboard. All cyclic and off-cycle meter reads were collated via “Link” quickly.

 “With Link, we can get our data faster and more accurately, with additional features to prevent reading errors being sent to our customer’s. We can also access far more reports and analytics than ever before. This is a competitive advantage that businesses need in the industry.” says Shannon Laffey, General Manager, Energy and Water, Service Stream Limited


Looking Ahead
Service Stream has now gone live with Oracle Field Service Cloud across Queensland, South Australia, and Victoria with approx. 280-meter readers. Embracing cloud-based technologies, with less dependence on on-site physical hardware, it is poised to adapt to the growing needs of its clients, hence ensuring the continuity of business operations. Partnering with Oracle Consulting proved to be an integral step towards having modern infrastructures that tie in with achieving desirable business outcomes.


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Jacey Allan


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