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Oracle Applications Consulting Leadership Paints a Picture of Our Future

Lauren Bossers
Marketing Director

What does your best day look like? What do you want to be known for? How do you define a happy customer?

These are just a few of the questions we asked the Oracle Applications Consulting leadership team when we sat them down in front of a video camera at a recent FY19 planning event. Watch the video to hear the priorities and values they plan to infuse throughout the year for their customers, their teams, and themselves.

Here are some highlights of the responses from the Oracle Applications Consulting leadership team:

"Our best day is when we have a great plan, collaborative and engaging conversations—not only with our teams but with our clients—driving clients' success and outcomes."
Bruno Binkley, Growth and Strategy Lead

"Success at work is pretty simple. It's about elevating the client experience. It's about making a client very satisfied with everything we do." 
Rick Hassman, Customer Advocacy Lead

"When a customer is really happy, they call me and they tell me about an individual that they just can't live without. And they call me and say, 'Thank you, Beth. You told me you were going to bring me the A-team, and wow, I got it.'" 
Beth Boettcher, North America Applications Consulting Lead

"I want my headline to be that I'm growing and evolving our people. That no matter what chaos they experience during the day, that they wake up in the morning excited and they go to bed happy." 
Alyson Castillo, North America Capability Development Lead

"Success is really three-fold. It's achieving our goals and growing the business. Second, it's making sure we've got happy and referenceable clients. And third, it's making sure that we're developing our talent and giving them a chance to grow their careers here at Oracle."
Pam Lord, CX Growth and Strategy Lead

Want to learn more about why our clients love working with us and our employees are excited to be a part of this dynamic team? Watch the full video and discover how we're painting our future together.

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