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Maximising Digital Assistants

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A unique approach to conversational interface design from Oracle Consulting

Author: Dumal Welikala on behalf of Oracle Consulting Digital Experience (DX)

What do some of the top mobile apps have in common? Admittedly, a lot of things, but the main similarity they share is that they are all successful design-co-founded businesses. Their approach to design as a way of thinking has transformed their ideas into multi-million pound ventures.

Most people perceive design as visual components that are added after the product has been completed…this notion could not be any more backwards.

Design should be approached from two perspectives:

  • How the solution looks        
  • How the solution works

These ways of thinking, if implemented correctly, can provide any business with a successful and effective solution. Designing conversational interfaces can be approached in the same manner; how the solution looks or sounds - whether it conforms to branding guidelines and correctly represents the company’s voice/personality; how the solution works – the technical architecture makeup and structure of the dialog between assistant and user.

Many businesses either have Digital Assistants in place or plan to build one in the near future. However, many of these fail to address the key fundamentals of design, which inevitably lead to the assistant's demise. Despite best intentions, Digital Assistants sometimes fail to deliver the user experiences that would otherwise be seamless and efficient, as we had imagined them to be.   

Common mistakes and challenges made with Digital Assistants

Weak use cases

  • With every new wave of technology, designers and developers are hot to jump on the bandwagon and claim it as the ‘next big thing’

  • A business’s hastiness makes them deploy a Digital Assistant without giving a second thought to why it’s needed or whether it’s actually relevant

  • As a result, we see a plethora of seemingly irrelevant use cases or Digital Assistants that provide really bad user experiences

Lack of transparency

  • Most successful Digital Assistants make it absolutely clear from the outset; that the user is chatting to a robot and not to another human

  • Managing these expectations upfront is key, and will make most users forgive some of the mistakes that the bot might make

Communication with existing business systems

  • Integrating a new piece of technology into your existing ecosystem can be extremely challenging


Conversational Design Experience (CDX)

Oracle Consulting’s Conversational Design Experience (CDX) provides rapid time to value whilst reducing business risk for our customers. We have leveraged our vast digital, integration, and security delivery experience alongside digital assistant best practice to create a quality approach to delivering bots.

Once your Digital Assistant is defined we don’t just stop there, we are able to help you get your assistant up and running quickly using our agile delivery approach, further enhanced by post go-live support, usage analysis, and further enhancements.


The 5 CDX phases

Don’t take design for granted

People take design for granted and often miss out the key principles, which would otherwise produce a well-rounded and effective solution model that can match the likes of Instagram and Airbnb. Thankfully, CDX is designed from the ground up with the fundamentals baked into every phase to ensure that we produce the blueprints for a high-quality Digital Assistant that provides an amazing user experience.


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