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Make a PaaS at SaaS!

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By Enrique Martinez Dunn, SaaS Transformational Oracle Consulting Leader 

One of the keys to a successful SaaS program is the adoption of the business best practices and innovation that is embedded in your subscription service.  This is easier said than done.  If you do not have the proper guidance on your SaaS journey, you may end up revisiting the same mistakes you made 5 – 10 years ago, when you did this last.

Traditional implementations have a “discovery” phase, where companies have the inertia to revisit ALL their business processes and how they fit to their chosen solution.  This adds VERY LITTLE VALUE in proportion to, first, the time spent on this “discovery” (more a “déjà-vu”), second, an outcome that takes you to re-implement what you had in an on-premise solution onto a SaaS solution.

For instance, why should you have a super complex workflow to, I don´t know, approve business trips, or qualify suppliers… is this process what is really unique about your business, what can give you an operational or an employee experience edge over your competitors?

It is not my intention to burst your bubble regarding how you consider your company’s business practices, but for most organizations, how they execute the majority of their processes would not set them apart from their industry rivals. 

SO, get over yourself… you are much better off adopting the - dare I say it - standard, and do not spend countless hours on workshops, fees on consultants, and so on.  At the end of the day, you will probably go live, but you will go over budget and your will not control when you go live.

Once you have the right guidance – someone who is ready to challenge you, to push back so you do not fall into bad habits, you can then FOCUS on what makes or will make you UNIQUE.  This is where organizations are taking a look at PaaS seamlessly coupled with SaaS to make take their business transformation to the next level

  • Fast insight with amazing data visualization
  • Mobility apps encompassing several solutions
  • Hybrid middleware that connects your on premises back office with your cloud digital platform
  • Enriched SaaS apps with business extensions that provide an awesome user experience

For instance, if your industry in a particular country, requires regulator led localizations, this should not take away the digital revolution you feel you are entitled to… if you are taking your HCM and Financials to the cloud, and you want data insight across both data sets, together with data from your on premises fulfillment, spark up a datamart in the cloud… you get the idea.

SO, be daring enough to accept the standard for most of your business needs, but also to find and bring out that je ne sais quoi that makes your company unique.  Then find the best combination of SaaS and PaaS innovation that will set you apart from your competitors.

You can reach us at oracleconsulting_ww@oracle.com for the right guidance to implement Oracle Cloud solutions.

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