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Keep All Doors Open

Louise Tegner
Communications & Marketing Manager

Author: Kathy Wu, Social Media Coordinator at Oracle Consulting Nordics.

Recently, I had the chance to interview my colleague Alexey Shtrakhov, a Senior Principal Consultant at Oracle Consulting.

Science is something that excites me, I’m very interested in this subject because I think science is something that lets me explore and understand this world - How everything is connected to each other? What we can do to help this world? Etc.
It is a broad subject. Several times I think science gives me hope, and possibilities to find a solution in different situations. The more you understand of different variations, the better you will be able to solve problems.

Therefore, always keep all the doors open. Go for what interests you, and in this search you might find other things that make you even more excited. Life does not need to end at a current choice be it education or career. You can always change, just don’t be afraid of trying. So, keep all the doors open, because you will never know where you will find the meaning of your life. Maybe a trip, an internship, or a lecture will open up a new world for you. As for me, I used to first be in accounting and was no longer passionate about it, so I changed to a Business Consultant role.

I remember reading an Einstein quote:

Student: Dr. Einstein, Aren't these the same questions as last year's [physics] final exam? Dr. Einstein: Yes; But this year the answers are different.”

My best advice to all of you, is that nothing stays the same even though the questions are same. Things keep changing and we all need to adopt to this reality that nothing is stable. That’s why many times you need to be open for discussions and listening to others. For example, customers you serve, they are clever guys and usually can they bring new ideas to the table. Because even if you ask the same questions over and over again, different customers have different needs, so the answers vary. Therefore, you can learn new ways of working from those meetings.


As many things change with time, so has my professional interest. At the beginning of my career I was working in a small-scale company as an accountant. By the time their business expanded, they needed to upgrade their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. I became the business controller and started to work more closely with the ERP system, and gained a lot of new skills. This was my first time getting in contact with Oracle, since my client was using an Oracle ERP system. Later, Oracle became my obvious choice of career since I was looking for bigger challenges and projects to work with.

Now, I'm here at Oracle with inspiring colleagues around me sharing similar passion, which feels great. I’m not only innovating with my colleagues but my clients as well. Each day is different and exceptional that it makes us happy; especially when we go live with a project! We are all sitting together in a room, stressing over each transaction, and when it goes through we run around exclaiming our excitement. I remember we took a spontaneous trip to Estonia after one of our biggest clients went live with our ERP system. Even though it was only a day-trip, we still enjoyed it.

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