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Is your digital assistant really working for your users?

Lily King
Marketing Coordinator

Digital assistants are becoming commonplace in today's enterprises, but how can you ensure that they are aligned to the users' needs? 

Oracle have securely integrated digital assistants into Oracle applications to help better serve your employees. 

What's more, it's not just about answering FAQs - these digital assistants are able to undertake tasks and respond to requests for that particular app! For instance, in HCM Cloud, just ask the digital assistant how many days' vacation you have taken; or ask it to share the employee handbook with you. 

'Skills' are individual chatbots that are designed to interact with users and fulfil specific types of tasks. Each skill helps a user complete a task through a combination of text messages and simple UI elements like select lists. These could be anything from getting HR approvals to submitting timesheets. 


Will a digital assistant work immediately?

Yes, a digital assistant will work immediately! However, improving the user experience and relativeness to your business is an ongoing process that shouldn't be ignored. 

If a user isn't getting the right answers and guidance they need, it's unlikely they will choose to use the digital assistant again. 

We at Oracle Consulting highly recommend continued management and enhancement to ensure the digital assistant is working for you by personalising it to your business needs. 


Challenges with maintaining your digital assistant 

So, you've got your shiny new digital assistant and it can answer multiple questions about the product and help you undertake tasks by simply having a conversation. But, there are certain challenges that can impact business and user adoption: 

Updates & enhancements 

The great thing about cloud applications is that new updates and features are released on a regular basis to ensure that you always get the best possible experience and functionality. Your business processes can also change frequently. So, how do you ensure that your digital assistant stays current and relevant? It is important to have a regular review and update cycle to reflect the latest changes within the digital assistant conversation. 

Conversation refinement

Using the right language and tone is key in engaging with your users and ensuring that the questions they are asking can be understood and answered coherently by the digital assistant. For example, adding additional ways of asking or saying the same thing can be extremely useful in saving time and making things clearer. 

Getting the right content



How many times will a user attempt talking to the digital assistant before reverting to the old way of doing things? They then tell their colleagues about their poor experience and before you know it, the user adoption of this exciting new digital assistant isn't looking as good as it initially was. 

It is critical to conduct regular reviews and refinement of the content shared with users to ensure that they are continually engaged and excited by the experience. Content could include key company policy information or simply the canteen opening times. 

Integrating into your business

For maximum value, digital assistants should avoid being generic and instead have brand alignment with your business, including references to the company name and any associated messages. This makes users feel like the digital assistant is special and inclusive and not just some generic 'off-the-shelf' solution. 

It's also worth considering that the digital assistant can support more than just one or two applications. Once your users start to feel confident in using it they will expect more, for example, being able to undertake tasks on a custom application that is key to their business role. 


What if there was an easier way to meet these challenges? 

There is. Why not let our experts take care of all of the above, and more, for you with our EasyAdopt service? We provide full ongoing support and enhancement of your digital assistant to make it work for you and your users. Sign up to EasyAdopt and you will get a monthly support model designed around your business needs. 

Our User Experience (UX) workshop or meeting during the setup phase will provide us more information about your business and early indications of what you are looking to achieve, helping us prepare your digital assistant so that it is ready to use by your employees on day 1. 



Our enhancement and support service refines conversation to add additional FAQs to suit the needs of your business. Not only this, but we can accommodate additional requirements, such as translation functionalities, and also have some exciting pre-built skills such as smalltalk to allow friendly chat, or our Feedback skill which allows users to suggest improvements. 


We listen to your employees' requirements.

With the EasyAdopt service we can monitor logs or conduct interviews to ensure that we are aligning the digital assistant to your employees' most common requests. 

We offer continuous innovation through this personalised solution to take the worry of monthly operational challenges of your mind. Our vast experience in implementing a variety of digital assistants for our customers means you can rest assured that we will share the best advice and hold key expertise to constantly evolve and improve the experience. 


What is the value of EasyAdopt for my business? 

  • Reduced operational costs - allowing your employees to focus on more critical business activities
  • Continuous innovation freeing up time for you to be creative as we provide advice on digital assistant innovation
  • Improved quality of information - by automatically monitoring the most popular queries to make information clearer and more relevant 
  • Increased productivity - by frequently improving user experience for your employees 
  • Upgrade assurance - as the EasyAdopt service constantly reviews new releases and deploys changes accordingly 
  • Trust in our vast experience - it helps us to constantly evolve and improve the technology & conversational dialogue 


Want to know more? 

For more information on our EasyAdopt service, please contact your Oracle sales representative. 

Alternatively, you can contact us directly. 

Email us: ocdx_ww@oracle.com

DM us on Twitter: @oracleconsult


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