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By Petr Hosek, Senior Director, Oracle EMEA Consulting

You purchase a new gadget; let’s say a brand new TV set. Like most, you are not especially fond of reading manuals. Yet, you expect to be able to kick start and use the new appliance right out of the box. It’s designed to be intuitive after all, isn’t it?

Also, you paid a substantial amount of money for the TV and know that the new audio-video components offer a multitude of multimedia functions. So you would like to know what are all the nice tricks it can do, just in case such a need arises in future.

However, first things first. You unpack the box, put the TV set onto a table, and plug it in. Now, you need to figure out how to connect a TV broadcast signal – and you get lost in the array of different connectors in the rear! Once you get it right, you get a message that the program is scrambled and you need a new decoding module from your provider. All that with a remote control that – with its jungle of various buttons – makes you feel like an astronaut with Apollo 11 controls in front of you.

Later, you would like to watch a new film that you have on a Blu-ray disc. And maybe play a video stored on an SD-card or your NAS storage. O, la, la …

Unless you are a techie enthusiast, you will surely appreciate help from an expert, who would navigate you through the essential steps, show you how to integrate the new component into your existing home (with a specific TV signal conditions, concrete type of disc player and AV-receiver, etc.), and get you a run through the breadth of functions the gizmo provides.

Now, let’s replace the TV-set with a new Business Intelligence tool, be it on premise or in public cloud. Of course, you can attend a generic course where you are shown generic examples. Wouldn’t it be nice, however, to get guidance in your own environment, using your own data, dashboards and get examples developed exactly to your specific needs?

That’s exactly what Oracle Consulting’s Rapid Start and Onboarding Packs for Business Intelligence are aimed at doing. Top-class consultants get you through the initial steps of where to click, uploads your own data to present the functionality, and possibly develops first small use case that perfectly fits your business!

This approach simply allows you to get productive and see business results in minimum time, and to get a structured overview of all the bells and whistles you have paid for.

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