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Introducing Intelligent Maintenance from Digital Experience

Lily King
Marketing Coordinator

At Oracle Consulting, we are actively co-innovating with our customers helping to deliver their business outcomes with the Oracle Cloud. A great example of this is in the Renewable Energy sector where we are continuing to provide innovative solutions to numerous business challenges.

Renewables: new opportunities, unique challenges

The key advantage of renewable energy is that it’s free of direct pollution and carbon emissions. Given the impact of global warming, many new policies are now in place globally to enforce, encourage or incentivise the uptake of renewable energy sources. Already, many countries are pushing for renewables as their main source of power generation. These countries are not only constructing new sites, but are also integrating their production into existing energy infrastructure.

Oracle Consulting is already supporting the following types of renewable energy production:

  • Solar — This form of energy relies on the sun and can be collected and converted in several ways, including large solar farms.
  • Wind — Wind turbines are used to generate electricity, but extensive wind farms are required to produce significant amounts of energy.
  • Hydroelectric — Electricity is produced from the force of elevated water, or through stored water pumped through dams or water towers.

Not to be overlooked, however, is the fact that these forms of clean, renewable energy production present some difficult challenges to overcome, including:

  • High capital costs, or the upfront expense of building and installing solar/wind farms
  • Costly and time-consuming maintenance
  • Health and safety risks for maintenance workers
  • Complex asset management


Making the difference

To support renewable energy providers in providing safe working conditions and overcoming high costs, Oracle Consulting, in conjunction with various drone and maintenance companies, have developed modern IoT (Internet of Things), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and support solutions based on the Oracle Cloud, enabling these providers to focus further investment where it matters.

Oracle Consulting are working with solar farms using IoT sensors to identify any issues related to solar panels. If a fault is identified on a panel, the sensor, using the Oracle IoT Cloud automatically creates an incident in Oracle Service Cloud. The incident then arranges for a maintenance engineer to travel to the site where the solar panel is located.

Using a drone with a live feed and AI technology, the engineer is able to quickly and effectively identify any damage by simply flying over the solar farm — which is far less costly and time-consuming than having maintenance engineers inspect each individual panel for damage.

Another great example of our co-innovation is the use of drones and AI cloud technology to identify surface damage on water towers and wind turbines.

The drone follows a circular flight path to assess the surface in real time, which reduces the need for the maintenance engineer to prepare elevation equipment and the time needed to explore the entire structure for surface damage.

It also reduces any health and safety risks typically associated with assessing and maintaining tall structures and other areas that are difficult of access—such as dams and high-voltage electricity cables.


Want to know more?

Our Intelligent Maintenance AI drone solution is currently on display at Oracle OpenWorld demonstrating a drone identifying cracks on a wall and communicating the details to an intelligent dashboard.

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