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Innovative Ways to Elevate Virtual Delivery in Healthcare Part 2: Accelerating Transformation

Guest Author

 Author: Sabra Tourigny 
Director, Client Partner, Healthcare - Oracle Consulting Services  

Innovation often unfolds faster than some people (or organizations) can consume. Our job as consultants is to help our clients solve business problems and mitigate risks, not just implement technology.

When we mobilize projects with clients, we’re almost always met with universal excitement about shifting to the cloud. They fully believe in the promise that operating your back office in the cloud is faster, simplified, and streamlined. With so much time and energy already invested into making their vision a reality, everyone wants to see their hard work pay off in a successful implementation. But it's not always that simple.

Speed, not perfection

Last year, one of the most significant pediatric cancer and hematology centers in the country was in the process of moving to the Oracle ERP and HCM Cloud when the pandemic hit and crushed their budget. Suddenly they needed a creative solution to get to the cloud on time and budget.

So, Oracle Consulting went into hyperdrive. Selecting the best path forward without a solid plan would slow down the project pace. Together, the project team developed an implementation strategy in five days to keep the project on track by leveraging a prescriptive approach.

We know from our experience there are over 900 decisions to be made throughout an Oracle Cloud implementation, but to help kickstart the project, we identified 95 foundational choices for validation in the first 45 days. It was important to get the project team comfortable with speed by acknowledging that some decisions made during implementation might need adjusting after go-live, once they were stabilized in the cloud.

Building acceleration into the team culture

Our mission goes beyond moving clients from one type of organization (on-premise) to another (cloud-based). We recognize the inner workings behind each organization’s culture and how we can help them make the changes needed to be “ready” to optimize and adapt to the Oracle Cloud. And we believe the best way to do that is to lead by example by embodying what we call Cloud Culture traits throughout delivery.

From the get-go with this client, we identified a solid communal drive to align priorities, decision-making, and best practices. But we also observed how that collaborative mentality could slow down progress, and an abundance of empathy could lead to a fear of making mistakes that would let the team down. For the prescriptive approach to work, we needed to take the time up front to figure out how we could move faster without sacrificing their compassionate culture.

In a one-day virtual workshop, we discovered, through collective thinking, how the project team would respond to challenges and seize opportunities along the way. As a result, the client was able to:

  • Identify the right decision-makers before the project kick-off
  • Socialize this information to the team
  • Ensure timely feedback on deliverables in progress
  • Prepare the team to change course if needed and keep the pace confidently
  • Encourage people to view mistakes as a necessary part of the process
  • Empower them to make complex decisions in a timely fashion

As a result, the client is now well on their way to creating an agile, holistic platform that supports their “patients-first” mission.

Let’s talk about how your healthcare organization can embrace simplicity in the Oracle Cloud. Reach out to Sabra Tourigny to start the conversation.

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