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How Government Agencies Are Using Social Media to Engage Communities

Guest Author

by Michael Meldeau, Director - Oracle Consulting

How Government Agencies Using Social Media to Engage Communities

I recently read an interesting post that explained how public sector agencies are using social media to help build brands that reflect the true value of their services and counter the perceptions created through high profile "worst case" news stories found in traditional media.

The article explains how the average U.S. citizen has a rather limited understanding of the child welfare system. The understanding they do have is most likely based
on “worst case scenarios” played out in local and national news; often lacking context. This lack of context leads to public misconceptions and stereotypes that
can be damaging to the agency and the system. Just as social media allows the private sector to bypass traditional media to build and shape public opinion and brand, so
too does it work in public sector.

The article is entitled Social Enabling Child Welfare Agencies to Engage Community to Strengthen Families
and explains how social media allows the child welfare system to connect, educate and strengthen communities by leveraging these modern social media
vehicles. It is a great read, especially for those who are responsible for managing government agencies that offer citizen services in local communities.
Click HERE to read the complete article.

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