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Honesty saved a derailing project

Kathy Wu
Communication Manager

We were called to save a challenging cloud implementation project that risked derailing completely

Author: Alexey Shtrakhov, consulting technical manager

During the first meeting with the customer, we immediately understood that there were more issues than originally raised. These were around tax implementation and Automated Image Processing (AIP) module functionality.

The initial project had been started by other vendors and it rose to the surface that there was not only an issue with the whole implementation, but the customer was not aware of where the project was going.

In order to kick-off on the right track, we had to put all our cards on the table and tell the customer the truth. We were honest in advising on what would and what wouldn’t be possible, and this helped us to build a strong and credible relationship.

We began rebuilding the solution with an agile approach, always keeping in mind that every change and decision needed to be analyzed openly within our team. This allowed us to provide an overview of all the benefits and drawbacks to the customer so we could agree on the next steps together. Trust was essential from both Oracle Consulting and the customer.

We created an inclusive atmosphere where constructive decision making and problem-solving were encouraged. By creating trust and building a tight, diverse problem-solving team, which included functional consultants, technical consultants, and customer representatives, we achieved a so-called "everything is possible feeling."

When all the members in a team feel that they are respected and safe, they are able to talk openly, pointing out concerns and questions about the project, which in turn helps to reduce insecurities. In a transparent climate, Oracle as your cloud vendor will not hide the current product limitations and solution difficulties from our customers, and together we will find positive workarounds.

That’s exactly what happened in this instance, and we went live with our customer! As our cloud product continues to develop, we will continuously be promised new features. We kept our customer updated about these new features and now they can benefit, as promised.

In cloud, new feature delivery is transparent and rapid. Our cloud is a platform for you to make your dreams come true, but that can’t happen without mutual and transparent efforts from our teams.

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