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Handling customer complaints seamlessly in the 21st Century

Lily King
Marketing & Communications Specialist

Dealing with customer complaints can be a difficult process for businesses, as it may be time-consuming and demoralising. However, complaints should be seen as a vital constructive feedback channel to help improve services for future customers.

Properly resolved complaints can even have the potential to drastically transform the situation for the customer who has raised an issue, as it is a prime opportunity to provide excellent customer service that may positively influence their perspective on the organisation.

One barrier that prevents complaints handling from being as simple and intuitive as possible for customers, however, is the process itself.

Often, companies rely on outdated systems that make it difficult to uphold complaints because they are not clearly directed to the correct person, department or product.

In order to fix such a sensitive situation, time is precious, so it may reflect poorly on the company when it takes longer than expected to respond to the complaint, possibly leaving the customer more frustrated. The reputation of the company is at risk during this time.



Oracle Consulting has developed an innovative solution to help customers easily raise a complaint, before kickstarting the process to resolve it quickly and smoothly.

Supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the sophisticated solution puts the customer experience first, therefore helping any business to enhance its complaints handling service.

Available online in a mobile-friendly format and through the Oracle Digital Assistant, customers are asked to provide details around the nature of the complaint, including whether the issue is about a product, service, or person. Supporting documents can be uploaded alongside the information.

Instead of simply capturing the information and assigning it to an advisor, as is the performance extent of traditional complaints handling processes, this solution is able to review the content to make informed decisions about the complaint and, if available, provide some resolution options before it is officially registered - a feature that usually requires human intervention.

For example: a customer may raise a complaint about a specific service they have received but some smart questioning from the Oracle Consulting solution discovers that they are actually accusing the wrong organisation entirely. This solution helps to clarify the full nature of the complaint to determine whether it is in fact legitimate to be registered.

After only a few moments the customer is informed about the decision, and a Service Request can be raised if the complaint requires further investigation. A documented summary of the complaint is also available to the customer.

By investing in a holistic complaint handling solution that is simple, fast, and efficient to use, as well as offering customised resolutions where possible, the customer is more likely to feel their opinion is valued and appreciate that an effort has been made to save their time as opposed to waiting to speak to an advisor via phone.

This has beneficial repercussions for the business too, as even if the complaint is raised the customer will have had a relatively comfortable experience in logging it, so should not be further dissatisfied.

The complaints handling solution (powered by Oracle Intelligent Advisor) has been created in a zero-code application, which means business experts can update and change the questions and rules being used as necessary to meet specific business needs.


Oracle Marketplace includes further information about this solution with a live demo.

If you require any additional information about this or other solutions, please contact your Oracle Consulting Client Solution Executive.


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