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From Digital Transformation to DevOps – a natural connection

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By Jo Pugh, Senior Director, Oracle EMEA

It is well documented that you need to innovate to stay alive. But why have we not seen a great influx in Digital Transformation programs?

In this article in Microscope, Dermot O’Kelly (Oracle SVP & UK Country
Leader) offers a suggestion, “The good news is that CEOs get it. The bad news is they don't think they have to do anything about it yet.”

Of course, doing nothing runs the risk of being bypassed by others who do learn to innovate quickly. So, while some organizations are transforming, many others will soon realize that they are left with no choice.

But what is the connection from this message to DevOps?

Even when a CEO decides a transformation is required, they must consider if their current IT organization will enable or stall this change. In short, the CEO and Lines of Business will want solutions that deliver benefit immediately, not in 6 months when the next release date is scheduled.

So, a Digital transformation needs to be agile and based on fast releases of incremental capabilities. To achieve this means changing the relationship between Development and Operations, teams that have often competing motivations. DevOps, Gartner believes, will evolve from niche to mainstream capability in 2016, so clearly many CIO’s already agree.

I’d like to offer this simple summary:

How do we start to resolve this?

Adopting a DevOps approach means considering 3 fundamental elements, Culture, Process & Platform. Without considering all 3 it will seem difficult to deliver innovation and thus Digital Transformation.

I think it is fair to say that cultural change is probably the most difficult to implement. At a recent customer meeting I was told, “I can try and change the process, I can implement the platform but getting the culture to change is not going to happen” [sound familiar?].

Of course we need to tackle this top-down and see how we can change the culture of the IT organization so both Dev and Ops have shared goals or KPI’s. But, we can also tackle bottom-up by forcing a change in Technology, which in turn will require Process change, which should force closer collaboration between the different IT teams.

Which brings me to my own organization, Oracle Consulting, DevOps is also forcing a change for us, both in our own solution development approach, but also in how we help our customer innovate. For us it has meant working with the broader DevOps community, while Oracle Developer Cloud Service and Oracle Management Cloud can help, we need to implement tools from many other vendors, e.g. automation tools from PuppetLabs, Chef, Ansible, etc.

So DevOps is not only helping to deliver Digital Transformation, it is changing how IT works and it is also changing how partners like Oracle Consulting are delivering projects.

If you are interested in finding out more, then I’d be happy to connect you with one of our Architects.

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