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Find a Job You Love - Stay Happy

Louise Tegner
Communications & Marketing Manager

Author Kathy Wu, Social Media Coordinator at Oracle Consulting Nordics

If you use Google to search ''Find a job you love'' there is a range of articles telling you how to identify it. You can do some personality tests to divide your interest into different work industries. Still, 70% of workers say they don't feel satisfied with their career choices.

Let me keep it short for you, if you feel passionate, motivated and challenged by what you are working with - that's a job you love. This is what I have learnt from the interview I did with my colleague,  Morten JohnsenYou are spending 40-hours weekly on work, so you better feel happy when you wake-up in the morning.

If you are in doubt read this article  ''Do You Hate Your Job? Here Are 6 Reasons Why It's Actually Not Your Fault - When something at work doesn't feel right, it's not because you're not smart enough or not good enough ''. 

Honestly, there’s not much room left for hobbies these days when you have two kids and work, that's like two full-time job. But still, I have my interest in football, particular in Premier League and Liverpool. In addition, I still enjoy a lot of going to concerts and festivals. The latest festival I attended this summer was the Werchterfestival, the lineup was really good and it is rock music which is perfect for me. This is something we want to keep doing each year, our goal are to join at least one major festival with a group of friends.

So... how did I end up at Oracle and working as a Consultant within Business Intelligence? Well, I have always had an interest for computing and as many of us, I started as a kid with gaming. Then at the age of fourteen I started to write some simple codes. After the graduation from high school, I decided to study computer science which just seemed like the obvious choice for me. I haven’t regretted it for a second, grateful that I did not gave up my interest. The best part of enjoying what I’m doing is the feeling of being able to solve a complex problem.

The process of finding solutions to complex problems is what gives me the drive to stay on top every day, to feel motivated of enjoying my work. You know, after you have been struggling with a problem for some time, there is nothing better than discovering that final solution that works.

To conclude, there is always a problem lying around in this profession as a business intelligence consultant.

It is not easy to stay up to date all the time with everything that is going on within the technology industry, especially now when we talk so much about Cloud. Webinars are great sources of information and I also follow blogs. I can recommend these two blogs:   www.rittmanmead.com  and www.ateam-oracle.com if you want to get some more technical insights and business insights.

There are many learning resources within Oracle but what you should not miss out is the diversity of people. Inside Oracle, we have so much expertise and you should definitely take the time to talk with them. Many great advice I have received comes from the discussions. You will open up to new ideas and things will look different by learning how others have done before. Therefore, it is important as a person to be able to adapt to different environment – flexible is the word I’m looking for. If you cannot be flexible, it is hard to stay within Oracle since we are an international organization.

However, after many years in Oracle I’m still feeling challenged and the possibilities are unlimited. When facing challenges don’t be afraid, stay calm and don’t stress out. It does not help the situation by being stressed and it is a negative vibe that will affect others who is in the same team as you. Even if it seems hard, by disconnecting yourself from work when needed will help a lot. Taking breaks is necessary to not burn yourself out and new ideas are easier to find after a good night of sleep. The last thing is, you are not alone and you should always be able to ask others for help without feeling bad. This is my advice to all the new employees who just have started their career.

As many said, you just got to find what you are passionate about, then working is not that boring anymore. If you want to go on an adventure then Oracle is the place.

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