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Enterprise Mobility is on Cloud Nine

Guest Author

By Luis González Iglesias

2014 was a booming year in the Enterprise Mobility market. It was also great for Oracle with a new and exciting technology strategy, product announcements
and many exciting opportunities. This has resulted in Oracle being recognized as
one of the leaders in the Mobile Application Development Platforms by OVUM

OVUM Enterprise Mobility

But what is the next trend for 2015? Well, the next trend is surely the cloud.

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Oracle recently announced a key technology product: the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service. This is
a strategic move because demand for mobile apps on platforms such as iOS and Android continues to expand, and the complexity for IT organizations to manage
the development, administration and maintenance process of Enterprise Mobility Solutions is increasing dramatically.

It is not easy to weave together apps supporting different devices, which must integrate with a mashup of hybrid Enterprise Applications in the backend,
which often include on-premises and SaaS components. Apps must serve a growing population of users from multiple Line of Business that are demanding fast support for Bring your own device (BYOD) or Choose your own device (CYOD) programs.

The solution is  to look to the cloud. Moving enterprise mobility into the cloud makes total sense because, as John Milton
once said “every cloud has a silver lining”, Oracle’s Mobile Cloud will finally provide a comprehensive and consistent platform layer
between the mobile apps and the enterprise backend (on-premises and SaaS). The value proposition is simple:

- A consistent and unique integration API for mobile apps developers

- A complete framework to maintain connections from client apps to various enterprise services, including security coordination and identity propagation

- A platform to manage apps lifecycle consistently

- Built-in Diagnostics and Analytics to monitor the health of your applications

The Oracle Mobile Cloud Service will reduce TCO, and especially CAPEX, but
its benefits go beyond the cost reduction. It will provide simplicity and consistency to Enterprise Mobility.

Oracle Mobile Cloud

Statistics in real projects demonstrate that the real complexity of Enterprise Mobility project has to do with integration with the backend.

The re-utilization of existing developed and deployed assets, as well as an incremental and sustainable long-term strategy for building and managing the
growing Enterprise Apps portfolio. Apps developers need development frameworks that help them translate app requirements into functioning APIs

The second trend in 2015 will be Industrialization

Industrializing Enterprise Mobility

Yes, the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service is the right Platform. But adopting it is not enough to achieve success. You still need to adopt the right Process.

Creating Enterprise Mobile Solutions is complex. You must coordinate quite a lot of disciplines such as UI design, Development on devices,
SOA integration for the backend, API management of your REST services, Mobile Device Management, Mobile Apps Management and End-to-end security.

You will also need to keep up to date with emerging technology trends and paradigms, sometimes domain-specific, like integrating wearable
devices, mobile payments in B2C applications, car telematics, healthcare or domotics.

Formalized Factory Process Model

Enterprise Mobility industrialization means adopting a formalized factory process model to apps development and integration. About 70% of
the software components you need to develop, either in the UI front end or in the integration backend, can and should be reused. A factory approach is the
key for success.

Oracle Consulting has launched an Apps Development Factory
, where we consolidate our development activities. Our Bangalore team has developed a blended onsite-offshore model, specific for Mobile development.

Stay tuned and look for more information on the Oracle Cloud Service in the Overview page. And contact with
your Oracle Consulting local sales team to know more about how to streamline development and guarantee success in your Enterprise Mobility program. The
right Process, on the right Platform, by the right People!

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